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11th grade, "Exploring Creation with Physics" Module 1

Vector quantity a physical measurement that contains directional information
Scalar quantity A physical measurement that does not contain directional information
Definition of Displacement a change in an object's position
Definition of position Where an object is located
Definition of acceleration how is the motion changing; the time rate of change of an object's velocity; M/SEC^2
System Internationale SI; the standard units of fundamental quantities in science.
Factor-label method a method to convert measurements from one unit to another
accuracy how close a measurement is to the actual, exact value
Definition of Precision The consistency reproducibility of a measurement and is closely related to a measurement's uncertainty.
Significant figures a non-zero; it is a zero that is between two significant figures; it is a zero at the end of the number and to the right of the decimal point
addition and subtracting with significant figures round your answer so that it has the same precision as the least precise measurement in the equation
multiplying and dividing with significant figures round the answer so that it has the same number of significant figures as the measurement with the fewest significant figures
Definition of velocity the time rate of change of an object's position; how quickly an object's position is changing
Definition of Speed the time rate of change of the distance traveled by an object
Why velocity is relative because everyone who observes a velocity is at a different stand point
relativity how something looks to you compared to someone else's view
the slope of a position-versus-time curve is the velocity
instantaneous velocity the velocity of an object at one moment in time
average velocity the velocity of an object over an extended period of time
what kind of graphs are studied to learn about acceleration? velocity versus time graph
the slope of a velocity versus time graph is the acceleration
what kind of graphs are studied to learn about velocity? position versus time graph
the slope of a position versus time graph is the velocity
the velocity and acceleration have the same sign, the object is speeding up
the velocity and acceleration have opposite signs, the object is slowing down
acceleration is zero when the curve in a graph is flat
if velocity is zero acceleration could or could not be zero
if acceleration is zero the velocity could or could not be zero
how to determine the velocity of an object relative to another take the velocity of the thing being observed and subtract it from the velocity of the observer
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