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What are the two formats of RO membrane

What are the formats of RO membrane Spiral wounds and hollow fiber
What are three types of pre-treatment process Activated carbon,cartridge filter,UV
Properties of activated carbon Process carbon which are highly porous with large surface area avaliable for absoprtion and chemical reactions.Use to remove chlorine in process
The weight of activated carbon with surface area 1 grams that has surface area of more than 500m2
What is the germnidical efficiency for UV 254nm
UV dosage measurement miliwatt seconds per cm2 with each microorganism assigned a kill dose
What is the preferred method forn WFI Distillation
How distillation purified water Phase change and entrainment separation
How much endotoxin concentration is reduced after distillation minimum 3 log reduction
What are the two designs of distillation vapor compression and mutiple effect distillation
What is pure steam produced from? Distillation
What are the applications of pure steam Sterilization of load items in autoclave Sterilization of reactor vessels(bioreactor) Bulk sterilization of product solution Humidification of cleanroom
What is the boiling point of liquefied gas -90degC
When does liquefied gas become liquid? At ambient temperature and at pressure of 25Psig to 1500psig
What is the boiling point of liquefied gas? Very near to atmospheric pressure around -90 deg C to 20 degC
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