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COP2220 Ch1

Exam Questions

#3 The first step in system development is to create a source program. false
#5 Blackbox testing gets its name from the concept that the program is being tested without knowing how it works. true
#9 The computer language that most closely resembles machine language is: assembly/symbolic
#10 The tool used by a programmer to convert a source program to a machine language object module is a: compiler
#12 The series of interrelated phases that is used to develop computer software is known as: system development life cycle (SDLC)
#14 The test that validates a program by ensuring that all of its statements have been executed - that is, by knowing exactly how the program is written - is: whitebox testing
#19 What is the purpose of an operating system? interacting with the hardware
#22 List the levels of computer languages discussed in the text: machine, assembly, high-level C
#25 Describe the basic steps in the system development life cycle (SDLC): waterfall model - requirement, analysis, design, code, test & maintain
#29 What is meant by the old programming proverb, "Resist the temptation to code"? understand what yu are doing before you start to code
#30 What is the difference between blackbox and whitebox testing? blackbox - you don't know what's inside. whitebox - you know the code already
Created by: Cmduncan88