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General Science RT

General science review for the RT program at Pima Medical

Boiling Point The temp. at which vapor pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure
Latent Heat of Vaporization the energy required to vaporize a liquid
Water vapor pressure Exerts pressure
Evaporative cooling when surrounding air looses heat energy
humidity water vapor pressure
AH Absolute Humidity
RH Relative Humidity
%BH Body Humidity
The temp at which condensation happens. dew point
high temps increase evaporation and vise versa influence of pressure
gas molecules travel about randomly and collide at high speeds kinetic theory
velocity of gas is... proportional to the temp.
law of atomic weight of any substance contains the same number if atoms, molecules or ions Avogardo's Law
standard temp and pressure dry STPD
STPD (usually) 22.4
the ratio of the mass of a substance density
process where molecules moves from high concentrated areas to low concentrated areas. Diffusion
gas diffusion rates Graham's Law
relationship between partial pressure in a gas mixture Dalton's Law
predicts how much of a given gas will dissolve in a liquid Henry's Law
Gas Law Number 1 No energy is lost during molecular collisions.
Gas Law Number 2 the volume of the molecules themselves is negligible
Gas Law Number 3 no forces of mutual attraction exist between these molecules
critical temp highest temp at which a substance can exist as a liquid
critical pressure the pressure needed to maintain equilibrium between a liquid and gas phases.
flow resistance difference in pressure between the two points along the tube
flow resistance R
p1-p2 pressure of the upstream point subtracted by the pressure of the downstream point
turbulent, laminar and transitional 3 types of flow
decrease in pressure in constricted areas The Bernouli Effect
The pressure exerted by the moving flow of a liquid. radial force
negative pressure that can put fluid into its primary flow. fluid entertainment
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