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SK Biochem

AAA Biochem

Vmax Maximal velocity of an enzyme catalyzed rxn
Km the amt of substrate required to reach 1/2Vmax
What happens to Km and Vmax with a competitive inhibitor Incr. Km and No change in Vmax
What happens to Km and Vmax with a non-competitive inhibitor No change in Km and Decr. in Vmax
Thiamine AKA B1
Riboflavin AKA B2
Niacin AKA B3
Pantothenate AKA B5
Pyridoxine AKA B6
Biotin AKA B7
Cobalamin AKA B12
Thiamine B1 Active form (enzyme) Thiamine Pyrophosphate TTP
Riboflavin B2 Active form (enzyme) FAD and FMN (KREBS)
Niacin B3 Active form (enzyme) NAD and NADP (KREBS)
Pantothenate B5 Active form (enzyme) CoA
Pyridoxine B6 Active form (enzyme) Pyridoxal Phosphate
Biotin B7 Active form (enzyme) Bioctivin
Folic Acid Active form (enzyme) Tetrahydrofolate
Cobalamin B12 Active form (enzyme) Methylcobalamin
Thiamine B1: What reaction is this vit used in? Decarboxylation
Riboflavin B2: What reaction is this vit used in? Redox Rxn
Niacin B3: What reaction is this vit used in? Redox Rxn (Glycolysis)
Pyridoxine B6: What reaction is this vit used in? Transaminations (amino acid metabolism)
Biotin B7: What reaction is this vit used in? Carboxylations
Folic Acid: What reaction is this vit used in? Onc C transfers
Vit C: What reaction is this vit used in? Hydroxylation of Proline, Lysine in collagen
Thiamine B1: Disease Beri Beri Alcoholics Wernickes Korsakoffs Syndrome
Riboflavin B2: Disease Chelosis (cracked corners of mouth) Magenta Tongue
Niacin B3: Disease Pellegra (4D's): Dermatitis Diarrhea Dimentia Death
Pantothenic Acid B5: Disease Burning Foot Syndrome
Pyridoxine B6: Disease Infants- Convulsions Adults- Anemia
Biotin B7: Disease Glossitis Dermatitis
Folic Acid: Disease Megaloblastic/Macrocytic Anemia
Cobalamin B12: Disease Pernicious/Macrocytic Anemia
Vit C: Disease Scurvy
Fat Soluble Vits ADEK
Vit A: Co-enzyme Retinoic Acid
Vit D: Co-enzyme 1,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol
Vit E: Stored in Adipose, Liver and Muscle
Vit E: Requires what for absorption Bile salts and fat
Vit K: Stored in Liver and Spleen
Vit K AKA Quinone
Vit E AKA Tocopherol
Vit D AKA Cholecalciferol
Vit A: Fxn Vision, growth
Vit D: Fxn Absorbs calcium from gut, Calcium and phosphate metabolism
Vit E: Fxn Lipid AOX
Vit K: Fxn Makes prothrombin in liver, Blood clotting, precursor to Co-Q
Vit A: Disease Night blindness, Bitot spots
Vit D: Disease Kids: Rickets (bow legs) Adults: Osteomalacia (Bone soft)
Vit E: Disease Hemolytic Anemia, Muscular dystrophy, sterility
Vit K: Disease Clotting disorders
Calcium: Fxn Component of Bone, Musc contraction, Nerve regulation
Calcium: Regulated by Vit D: Gut --> Blood CalcitonIN: Blood --> Bone PTH: Bone --> Blood (Parathyroid)
Calcium: Deficiency & Toxicity Decr: Rickets, Osteomalacia, Tetany Incr: Reduced musc tone, Ca deposits in soft tissue, Renal fail
Phosphorus: Fxn Found in bone, ATP, Nucleic Acids
Phosphorus: Regulated by Kidney
Phosphorus: Deficiency & Toxicity Decr: Rickets, Osteomalacia, renal dysfunction Incr: Bone loss
Sodium: Fxn H2O distribution, osmosis, AP, Bicarb
Sodium: Regulated by Aldosterone
Sodium: Deficiency & Toxicity Decr: HYPOnatremia, confusion, coma Incr: HYPERtension
Potassium: Fxn Nerve and musc AP
Potassium: Regulated by Aldosterone
Potassium: Deficiency & Toxicity Decr: Musc weakness Incr: Cardiac arrest
Chlorine: Fxn H2O balance
Chlorine: Deficiency & Toxicity Secondary to vomit
Magnesium: Fxn Found in Bone Co-factor of Kinase Needed for Glucose Breakdown
Magnesium: Deficiency & Toxicity Decr: Diabetes, HYPERtension, increases blood cholesterol, spasms BVs Incr: Poisoning (like Parkinsons)
Chromium: Fxn Glucose transport Helps bind Insulin to cell
Chromium: Disease Impaired glucose tolerance
Cobalt: Disease Macrocytic/Pernicious Anemia
Copper: Fxn Part of ETC Transported by Albumin Melanin Formation
Copper: Disease Menke's Syndrome (CNS, die in infancy)
Iodine: Fxn Part of Thyroxine Stored as Thyroglobulin in thyroid
Iodine: Disease Kid: Creatinism Adults: Goiter, Myxedema
Iron: Fxn Part of heme, hemoglobin, cytochromes Transported as: TRANSferrin Stored as: FerriTIN
Iron: Disease Hypochromic/Microcytic Anemia
Manganese: Fxn Co-factor of decarboxylase Hemoglobin Forms Urea Growth Reproduction
Manganese: Disease Ligamentous healing
Selenium: Fxn Co-factor of Glutathione Peroxidase Synergistic with Vit E
Selenium: Disease Decr: Cardiomyopathy Incr: Hair/Nail loss
Zinc: Fxn Co-factor of Carbonic anhydrase
Zinc: Disease Neuro damage, impaired wound healing
Flourine: Fxn Increases hardness of teeth
Flourine:Disease Dental caries
Which enzyme family functions in moving hydrogen Oxidoreductase
Which enzyme family has the cofactors: NAD/FAD/NADP Oxidoreductase
Which enzyme family does G3P Dehydrogenase belong in? Oxidoreductase
Which enzyme family does any enzyme with the ending "dehydrogenase" belong in Oxidoreductase
Which enzyme family functions in splitting molecules into two by adding water? Hydrolase
Which enzyme family is found in most of the digestive system? Hydrolase
Which enzyme family ends in "ase" Hydrolase
Which enzyme family joins two molecules together Ligase
Which enzyme family is ATP synthetase an example of? Ligase
Which enzyme family transfers a phosphate Kinase
Which enzyme family has the cofactors ATP and Mg Kinase
Which enzyme family is Hexokinase an example of? Kinase
Which enzyme family Transers an amino group? Aminotransferase
Which enzyme family has a cofactor of Vit B6 Aminotransferase
Which enzyme family is SGPT and SGOT an example of? Aminotransferase
Which enzyme family transfers a hydroxyl group Hydroxylase
Which enzyme family has cofactors Vit C, Cu and Fe Hydroxylase
Which enzyme family removes or adds a carboxylase Decarboxylase/Carboxylase
Which enzyme family has biotin as cofactor Decarboxylase/Carboxylase
Which enzyme family has pyruvate carboxylase as an example Decarboxylase/Carboxylase
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