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Drug List

Mod 1

QuestionAnswerSpecial Requirements IndicationSide EffectsClassification
Lopressor Metoprolol Tartrate Immediate Release High Blood Pressure Fatigue dizzyness Diarrhea Bradycardia Beta-Adrenergic blocking Agent
Singulair Montelukast Sodium Take at night Asthma Headache cough Abdominal Infuenza dyspepsia Antiasthmatic
Tamiflu Oseltamivir speeds flu recovery and prevents flu if vaccinated with in 2 days of exposure Influenza Headache Antiviral
Viagra Sildenafil Do not take with Nitrates Erectile Dysfunction flush nasal congestion UTI stomach ache Bronchitis A Erectile Dysfunction
Cialis Tadalafil Do not take with Nitrates Erectile Dysfunction Headache Dyspepsia Nasal congestion Limb pain Myalgia Hypotensia Erectile Dysfunction
Calan, Verelan, Isoptin Verapamil Blood pressre, HBP Infection, flu like symptoms constipation, headache Calcium Channel Blocker
Cefzil Cefprozil Infection, Pharyngitis tonsillitis due to streptococcus, otitis media N&V, yeast infection in the mouth or vagina celphalosporin 2cd generation antibiotic
E-mycin Erythromycin upper respiratory infection steptococcus pyogenes whooping cough Chlamydia Ab pain Headache diarrhea cough dyspepsia, N&V Antibiotic Macrolide
Levitra Vardenafil Do not take with Nitrates ED Headache dizzy dypepsia, nause, diarrhea back pain flu symptoms rash flush myalgia abnormal vision ED
Patonal Olopatadine Red itchy eyes from allergies Allergic Rhinitis bitter taste epitasvis pharyngolarygeal Antihistamine
Tobradex Tobramycin Dexamethasone eye inflamation ophthalmic infections transient irritation burning stinging itching inflammation antibiotic
Tessalon Benzonatate Don't crush or chew. Swallow whole. Cough GI upset, Nausea, Drowsy, Dizzy, Nasal congestion Headache Antitussive. Nonnarcotic
Wellbutrin Bupropion Helps adults with mood swings to stop smoking Major Depressive disorder Agitation, change in taste perception Smoking Cessation, Antidepressant
Xalatan Latanoprost Blood Shot Eyes, change in eye color for people with blue or green eyes. Bloodshot Blurred vision sting intiching conjuctivitis Prostaglandin Agnostic
Imodium loperimide 16mg/day max Diarrhea Abdominal Pains, Constipation Antidiarrheal
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