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Words of the Month


Indifferent Without interest or concern; not caring; neutral
Benevolent Expressing goodwill or kind feelings to others
Abstract Thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances
Fallacious Deceptive; Logically unsound; misleading
Conciliatory Regaining goodwill or favour; tending to placate
Discernable Ability to perceive something obscure or concealed; Discriminating
Aesthetic Pertaining to a sense of beautyin nature and art
Inquisitive Question; Eager to learn; Given to examination
Reticent Disposed to be quiet or not speak freely; Reserved
Complacent Self-satisfied; Unconcerned; Content to a fault
Dogmatic Asserting opinions in a dictatorial manner
Plausible Having the appearance of truth, reliability or reason
Diligent Constant and earnest in effort and application; Persistent in doing something
Capricious Subject to changing one's mind without much thought; Erratic; Whimsical
Pertinent Relating directly and significantly to the matter at hand
Devious Departing from the most direct way; Circuitous; Roundabout
Meticulous Taking or showing extreme care about minute details; Painstaking; Thorough
Eccentric Unconventional; Deviating from accepted practice
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