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adoptar to adopt
arruinar to ruin
beneficiar to benefit
besar to kiss
casarse to get married
conocer to know (a person)
contribuir to contribute
conversar to chat
cuidar to look after
dar las gracias to thank
decidir to decide
describir to describ
destuir to destroy
discutir to argue
divorciarse to divorce
educar to educate
enamorarse to fall in love
enfadarse to get angry
estar en paro to be unemployed
formar parte de to be part of
hablar to talk
incluir to include
inmigrar to immigrate
jubilarse to retire
llamarse to be called
llevar to waer
llevarse bien/mal con to get on well/badly with
maltratar to mistreat
nacer to be born
ofender to offend/insult
ofenderse to cause offence
parecerse a to look like
ponerse to put on(clothes)
separarse to seperate
supervisar to supervise
tener to have
tener...años to be...years
tener suerte to be lucky
acoger to welcome
agradecer to thanks
aguantar to bear/stand
cometer to commit
confiar to trust
dedicarse to devote/spend time on
disculpar(se) to excuse (to apologise)
emigrar to emmigrate
estropear to ruin
llorar to cry
ocuparse de to look after/take care of something
pelear(se) to fight
perdonar to forgive
relacionarse con to mix with
sonreírse to smile
Created by: WHSG_Spanish
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