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Math Vocab for Second Graders

a non-metric unit for measuring length, it equals three feet yard
these are made of vertical marks and a diagonal line for the fifth number tally marks
a solid figure with one square base, whose other faces are four triangles with a shared vertex square pyramid
two of something pair
an expression of a relationship between quantities as an equation or an inequality (ex. 7 + 6 = 13) number sentence
having a value that is more than that of another quantity greater than
part of a whole or group, two-fifths is an example of this fraction
a flat surface, or side, of a solid figure (a cube has six of these) face
any of the symbols 0 - 9 digit
a solid figure that has a circular base and comes to a point called a vertex (sometimes ice cream tops this) cone
the distance across from side to side width
when an object looks the same upside down, or from any two opposite directions, an example is the letter Z point symmetry
a three dimensional figure with no faces, bases, edges, or vertices sphere
a picture of a straight line in which the integers are shown as specially marked points evenly spaced on the line number line
a unit of time that equals 60 seconds minute
a non-metric unit of length equal to 1/12 of a foot. One foot equals 12 of these inch
one of four equal parts of a whole one-fourth
numbers written in a form that shows the place value of digits expanded number
the result of subtraction difference
metal coin used as a form of currency coin
straight up and down vertical
when an object can be folded to make two parts that are mirror images - a heart folded in half is an example of this line symmetry
an answer to a problem solution
a graph using pictures to represent quantity pictograph
how long something is length
a unit of time with 60 minutes, there are 24 of these in a day hour
a non-metric unit to measure length, it equals 12 inches foot
a number where groups of two can be made with none left over even number
a line segment that connects two corners of a polygon and is not a side of the polygon, it looks like a slanted line diagonal
a metric unit of length, 100 of these make a meter. It has the abbreviation cm centimeter
a numerical worth or amount value
the answer to an addition problem, it is also known as the total sum
a prism with two identical, rectangular bases ( a cereal box has this shape) rectangular prism
a number where groups of two can be made with one left over odd number
having a value that is fewer than that of another quantity less than
parallel to the horizon, lines on handwriting paper are an example of this horizontal
three numbers in an operation that are related to each other fact family
a number sentence that shows equality between two quantities ( an example of this is 4 + 2 = 6) equation
a solid figure with two congruent circular bases and a curved surface ( a can of soup is an example of this) cylinder
having the same weight on either side, a weighing device using a beam balance
Created by: fritzsar