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Form 8 Ifta'ala

Form 8 extra ا + ت ا. اِفْتَعَلَ/ يَفْتَعِلُ/ اِفْتَعِلْ/ اِفْتِعَالٌ
To 1-harmonize with, agree with 2- form a coalition اِئْتَلَفَ/ يَئْتَلِفُ/ اِئْتَلِفْ/ اِئْتِلاَفٌ
To create/innovate اِبْتَدَعَ/ يَبْتَدِعُ/ اِبْتَدِعْ/ اِبْتِدَاعٌ بِدْعَةٌ
To smile اِبْتَسَمَ/ يَبْتَسِمُ/ اِبْتَسِمْ/ اِبْتِسَامٌ
To move away(from) اِبْتَعَدَ عَنْ / يَبْتَعِدُ/ اِبْتَعِدْ/ اِبْتِعَادٌ
To want اِبْتَغَى/ يَبْتَغِيْ/ اِبْتَغِ/ اِبْتِغَاءٌ = يُرِيْدُ
To swallow اِبْتَلَعَ/ يَبْتَلِعُ/ اِبْتَلِعْ/ اِبْتِلاَعٌ
To :test,try: afflict,try اِبْتَلَى/ يَبْتَلِيْ/ اِبْتَلِ/ اِبْتِلاَ ءٌ
To test/try اِبْتَلَى/ يَبْتَلِيْ/ اِبْتَلِ/ اِبْتِلاءٌ
To be wet/humid اِبْتَلَّ/ يَبْتَلُّ/ اِبْتَلَّ/ اِبْتِلاَلٌ
To supplicate, pray humbly to Allah swt اِبْتَهَلَ/ يَبْتَهِلُ/ اِبْتَهِلْ/ اِبْتِهَالٌ
To call/to be connected اِتَّصَلَ/ يَتَّصِلُ/ اِتَّصِلْ/ اِتِّصَالٌ
To follow/pursue/to observe اِتَّبَعَ/ يَتَّبِعُ/ اِتَّبِعْ/ اِتِّبَاعٌ = تَبِعَ
To head (toward) اِتَّجَهَ/ يَتَّجِهُ/ اِتَّجِهْ/ اِتِّجَاهٌ
To unite اِتَّحَدَ/ يَتَّحِدُ/ اِتَّحِدْ/ اِتِّحَادٌ
To take اِتَّخَذَ/ يَتَّخِذُ/ اِتَّخِذْ/ اِتِّخَاذٌ
To be dirty/unclean اِتَّسَخَ/ يَتَّسِخُ/ اِتَّسِخْ/ اِتِّسَاخٌ
To widen/expand اِتَّسَعَ/ يَتَّسَعُ/ اِتَّسِعْ/ اِتِّسَاعٌ
To agree with اِتَّفَقَ/ يَتَّفِقُ/ اِتَّفِقْ/ اِتِّفَاقٌ
To 1-burn up 2-flare اِتَّقَدَ/ يَتَّقِدُ/ اِتَّقِدْ/ اِتِّقَادٌ
To fear God اِتَّقَى/ يَتَّقِيْ/ اِتَّقِ/ اِتِّقَاءٌ = تَقْوَى
To accuse of اِتَّهَمَ/ يَتَّهِمُ/ اِتَّهِمْ/ اِتِّهَامٌ
To meet/to get together/assemble اِجْتَمَعَ/ يَجْتَمِعُ/ اِجْتَمِعْ/ اِجْتِمَاعٌ
To avoid,keep away from اِجْتَنَبَ/ يَجْتَنِبُ/ اِجْتَنِبْ/ اِجْتِنَابٌ
To NEED/WANT اِحْتَاجَ/ يَحْتَاجُ/ اِحْتَجْ/ اِحْتِيَاجٌ
To be cautious (about) اِحْتَاطَ/ يَحْتَاطُ/ اِحْتَطْ/ اِحْتِيَاطٌ
To trick/deceive/fool اِحْتَالَ/ يَحْتَالُ/ اِحْتَلْ/ اِحْتِيَالٌ
To hide/conceal oneself اِحْتَجَبَ/ يَحْتَجِبُ/ اِحْتَجِبْ/ اِحْتِجَابٌ
To penerate, break (or pass) through, to permeate اِحْتَرَقَ/ يَحْتَرِقُ/ اِحْتَرِقْ/ اِحْتِرَاقٌ
To respect اِحْتَرَمَ/ يَحْتَرِمُ/ اِحْتَرِمْ/ اِحْتِرَامٌ
To 1-take into consideration 2-count,calculate اِحْتَسَبَ/ يَحْتَسِبُ/ اِحْتَسِبْ/ اِحْتِسَابٌ
To collect firewood اِحْتَطَبَ/ يَحْتَطِبُ/ اِحْتَطِبْ/ اِحْتِطَابٌ
To celebrate اِحْتَفَلَ/ يَحْتَفِلُ/ اِحْتَفِلْ/ اِحْتِفَالٌ
To 1-assume, to imply, to be possible 2-bear,tolerate,stomach اِحْتَمَلَ/ يَحْتَمِلُ/ اِحْتَمِلْ/ اِحْتِمَالٌ
To choose اِخْتَارَ/ يَخْتَارُ/ اِخْتَرْ/ اِخْتِيَارٌ
To strut,swagger اِخْتَالَ/ يَخْتَالُ/ اِخْتَلْ/ اِخْتِيَالٌ
To hide/conceal oneself اِخْتَبَأَ/ يَخْتَبِئُ/ اِخْتَبِئْ/ اِخْتِبَاءٌ
To examine/test اِخْتَبَرَ/ يَخْتَبِرُ/ اِخْتَبِرْ/ اِخْتِبَارٌ
To invent/devise اِخْتَرَعَ/ يَخْتَرِعُ/ اِخْتَرِعْ/ اِخْتِرَاعٌ
To store up, to hoard اِخْتَزَنَ/ يَخْتَزِنُ/ اِخْتَزِنْ/ اِخْتِزَانٌ
To sum up/summarize اِخْتَصَرَ/ يَخْتَصِرُ/ اِخْتَصِرْ/ اِخْتِصَارٌ
To disappear/vanish اِخْتَفَى/ يَخْتَفِيْ/ اِخْتَفِ/ اِخْتِفاءٌ
To quiver,tremble اِخْتَلَجَ/ يَخْتَلِجُ/ اِخْتَلِجْ/ اِخْتِلاَجٌ
To mix اِخْتَلَطَ/ يَخْتَلِطُ/ اِخْتَلِطْ/ اِخْتِلاَطٌ
To differ (from) اِخْتَلَفَ/ يَخْتَلِفُ/ اِخْتَلِفْ/ اِخْتِلاَفٌ
To allege/claim اِدَّعَى/ يَدَّعِيْ/ اِدَّعِ/ اِدِّعَاءٌ
To suspect,doubt اِرْتَابَ/ يَرْتَابُ/ اِرْتَبْ/ اِرْتِيَابٌ
To be 1-satisfied with, feel at ease about 2-rest, relax, have a break اِرْتَاحَ/ يَرْتَاحُ/ اِرْتَحْ/ اِرْتِيَاحٌ
To 1-correlate, be connected,linked, 2-commit oneself,to be bound,committed اِرْتَبَطَ/ يَرْتَبِطُ/ اِرْتَبِطْ/ اِرْتِبَاطٌ
To apostasize اِرْتَدَّ/ يَرْتَدُّ/ اِرْتَدَّ/ اِرْتِدَادٌ
To collide with اِرْتَطَمَ/ يَرْتَطِمُ/ اِرْتَطِمْ/ اِرْتِطَامٌ
To rise/go up اِرْتَفَعَ/ يَرْتَفِعُ/ اِرْتَفِعْ/ اِرْتِفَاعٌ
To expect,anticipate, look forward to, to wait for اِرْتَقَبَ/ يَرْتَقِبُ/ اِرْتَقِبْ/ اِرْتِقَابٌ
To commit/to be responsible for اِرْتَكَبَ/ يَرْتَكِبُ/ اِرْتَكِبْ/ اِرْتِكَابٌ
To increase اِزْدَادَ/ يَزْدَادُ/ اِزْدَدْ/ اِزْدِيَادٌ لاَزِمْ
To crowd/swarm اِزْدَحَمَ/ يَزْدَحِمُ/ اِزْدَحِمْ/ اِزْدِحَامٌ
To flourish,thrive,prosper اِزْدَهَرَ/ يَزْدَهِرُ/ اِزْدَهِرْ/ اِزْدِهَارٌ
To 1-cover or hide oneself 2-take cover or shelter in اِسْتَتَرَ/ يَسْتَتِرُ/ اِسْتَتِرْ/ اِسْتِتَارٌ
To listen to actively اِسْتَمَعَ/ يَسْتَمِعُ/ اِسْتَمِعْ/ اِسْتِمَاعٌ
To be equal اِسْتَوَى/ يَسْتَوِيْ/ اِسْتَوِ/ اِسْتِوَاءٌ
To long for اِشْتَاقَ/ يَشْتَاقُ/ اِشْتَقْ/ اِشْتِيَاقٌ
To intensify اِشْتَدَّ/ يَشْتَدُّ/ اِشْتَدَّ/ اِشْتِدَادٌ
To participate (in) to subscribe اِشْتَرَكَ/ يَشْتَرِكُ/ اِشْتَرِكْ/ اِشْتِرَاكٌ
To buy اِشْتَرَى/ يَشْتَرِيْ/ اِشْتَرِ/ اِشْتِرَاءٌ
To flame/burn اِشْتَعَلَ/ يَشْتَعِلُ/ اِشْتَعِلْ/ اِشْتِعَالٌ
To derive from اِشْتَقَّ/ يَشْتَقُّ/ اِشْتَقَّ/ اِشْتِقَاقٌ
To complain اِشْتَكَى/ يَشْتَكِيْ/ اِشْتَكِ/ اِشْتِكَاءٌ
To include/contain/comprise اِشْتَمَلَ/ يَشْتَمِلُ/ اِشْتَمِلْ/ اِشْتِمَالٌ
To be famous اِشْتَهَرَ/ يَشْتَهِرُ/ اِشْتَهِرْ/ اِشْتِهَارٌ
To desire, crave (for) اِشْتَهَى/ يَشْتَهِيْ/ اِشْتَهِ/ اِشْتِهَاءٌ
To hunt/fish/trap اِصْطَادَ/ يَصْطَادُ/ اِصْطَدْ/ اِصْطِيَادٌ
To escort/accompany اِصْطَحَبَ/ يَصْطَحِبُ/ اِصْطَحِبْ/ اِصْطِحَابٌ
To be confused, disordered, agitated,upset اِضْطَرَبَ/ يَضْطَرِبُ/ اِضْطَرِبْ/ اِضْطِرَابٌ
To compel,force اِضْطَرَّ/ يَضْطَرُّ/ اِضْطَرَّ/ اِضْطِرَارٌ
To compel to,force to اِضْطَرَّ/ يَضْطَرُّ/ اِضْطَرَّ/ اِضْطِرَارٌ
To be reassured اِطْمَأَنَّ/ يَطْمَئِنُّ/ اِطْمَئِنَّ/ اِطْمِئْنَانٌ
To make a habit of, be accustomed to اِعْتَادَ/ يَعْتَادُ/ اِعْتَدْ/ اِعْتِيَادٌ
To be moderate, temperate اِعْتَدَلَ/ يَعْتَدِلُ/ اِعْتَدِلْ/ اِعْتِدَالٌ
To transgress, attack, invade اِعْتَدَى/ يَعْتَدِيْ/ اِعْتَدِ/ اِعْتِدَادٌ
To apologise اِعْتَذَرَ/ يَعْتَذِرُ/ اِعْتَذِرْ/ اِعْتِذَارٌ
To 1-object to 2-intercept, stand in the way of اِعْتَرَضَ/ يَعْتَرِضُ/ اِعْتَرِضْ/ إِعْتِرَاضٌ
To admit اِعْتَرَفَ/ يَعْتَرِفُ/ اِعْتَرِفْ/ اِعْتِرَافٌ
To retire (from) اِعْتَزَلَ/ يَعْتَزِلُ/ اِعْتَزِلْ/ اِعْتِزَالٌ
To be proud of اِعْتَزَّ/ يَعْتَزُّ/ اِعْتَزَّ/ اِعْتِزَازٌ
To arrest,detain اِعْتَقَلَ/ يَعْتَقِلُ/ اِعْتَقِلْ/ اِعْتِقَالٌ
To be busily engaged,secluded اِعْتَكَفَ/ يَعْتَكِفُ/ اِعْتَكِفْ/ اِعْتِكَافٌ
To rely on/depend on اِعْتَمَدَ/ يَعْتَمِدُ/ اِعْتَمِدْ/ إِعْتِمَادٌ
To perform umrah اِعْتَمَرَ/ يَعْتَمِرُ/ اِعْتَمِرْ/ اِعْتِمَارٌ=عُمْرَةٌ
To take care off اِعْتَنَى/ يَعْتَنِيْ/ اِعْتَنِ/ اِعْتِنَاءٌ
To backbite,slander اِغْتَابَ/ يَغْتَابُ/ اِغْتَبْ/ اِغْتِيَابٌ
To backbite/slander اِغْتَابَ/ يَغْتَابُ/ اِغْتَبْ/ غَيْبَةٌ=فِعْلٌ غَابَ
To be sad,gloomy اِغْتَمَّ/ يَغْتِمُّ/ اِغْتَمِمْ/ اِغْتِمَامٌ
To seize (opportunity) اِغْتَنَمَ/ يَغْتَنِمُ/ اِغْتَنِمْ/ اِغْتِنَامٌ
To be proud of اِفْتَخَرَ/ يَفْتَخِرُ/ اِفْتَخِرْ/ اِفْتِخَارٌ
To prey upon/devour/to kill اِفْتَرَسَ/ يَفتَرِسُ/ اِفْتَرِسْ/ اِفْتِرَاسٌ
To fabricate a lie اِفْتَرَى/ يَفْتَرِي/ اِفْتَرِ/ اِفْتِرَاءٌ
To miss s-o اِفْتَقَدَ/ يَفْتَقِدُ/ اِفْتَقِدْ/ اِفْتِقَادٌ
To be poor اِفْتَقَرَ/ يَفْتَقِرُ/ اِفْتَقِرْ/ اِفْتِقَارٌ
To ponder,reflect اِفْتَكَرَ/ يَفْتَكِرُ/ اِفْتَكِرْ/ اِفْتِكَارٌ
To break into,burst into, to break or pass through,storm اِقْتَحَمَ/ يَقْتَحِمُ/ اِقْتَحِمْ/ اِقْتِحَامٌ
To approach/ come close to اِقْتَرَبَ/ يَقْتَرِبُ/ اِقْتَرِبْ/ اِقْتِرَابٌ
To suggest,propose,offer,to recommend اِقْتَرَحَ/ يَقْتَرِحُ/ اِقْتَرِحْ/ اِقْتِرَاحٌ
To borrow اِقْتَرَضَ/ يَقْتَرِضُ/ اِقْتَرِضْ/ إِقْتِرَاضٌ
To take revenge on,punish اِقْتَصَّ/ يَقْتَصُّ/ اِقْتَصَّ/ اِقْتِصَاصٌ =قِصَاصٌ
To acquire/obtain/ to posess اِقْتَنَى/ يَقْتَنِيْ/ اِقْتَنِ/ اِقْتِنَاءٌ
To acquire, attain اِكْتَسَبَ/ يَكْتَسِبُ/ اِكَتَسِبْ/ اِكْتِسَابٌ
To discover/detect اِكْتَشَفَ/ يَكْتَشِفُ/ اِكْتَشِفْ/ اِكْتِشَافٌ
To be satisfied with/content with اِكْتَفَى/ يَكْتَفِيْ/ اِكْتَفِ/ اِكْتِفَاءٌ
To join/enter اِلْتَحَقَ/ يَلْتَحِقُ/ اِلْتَحِقْ/ اِلْتِحَاقٌ
To observe,comply with اِلْتَزَمَ/ يَلْتَزِمُ/ اِلْتَزِمْ/ اِلْتِزَامٌ
To 1-wrap oneself 2-gather around اِلْتَفَّ/ يَلْتَفُّ/ اِلْتَفَّ/ اِلْتِفَافٌ
To turn around, turn one`s head اِلْتَفَتَ/ يَلْتَفِتُ/ اِلْتَفِتْ/ اِلْتِفَاتٌ
To flare up, be inflamed اِلْتَهَبَ/ يَلْتَهِبُ/ اِلْتَهِبْ/ اِلْتِهَابٌ
To be twisted,bent,curved اِلْتَوَى/ يَلْتَوِيْ/ اِلْتَوِ/ اِلْتِوَاءٌ
To be distinguished by/ characterized by اِمْتَازَ/ يَمتَازُ/ اِمْتَزْ/ اِمْتِيَازٌ
To obey اِمْتَثَلَ/ يَمْتَثِلُ/ اِمْتَثِلْ/ اِمْتِثَالٌ
To test اِمْتَحَنَ/ يَمْتَحِنُ/ اِمْتَحِنْ/ اِمْتِحَانٌ
To mix, blend, to be mixed, mingled, blended اِمْتَزَجَ/ يَمْتَزِجُ/ اِمْتَزِجْ/ اِمْتِزَاجٌ
To be careful/lookout اِنْتَبَهَ/ يَنْتَبِهُ/ اِنْتَبِهْ/ اِنْتِبَاهٌ
To commit suicide اِنْتَحَرَ/ يَنْتَحِرُ/ اِنْتَحِرْ/ اِنْتِحَارٌ
To select/to choose/to vote اِنْتَخَبَ/ يَنْتَخِبُ/ اِنْتَخِبْ/ اِنْتِخَابٌ
To pull out, snatch اِنْتَزَعَ/ يَنْتَزِعُ/ اِنْتَزِعْ/ اِنْتِزَاعٌ
To be spread اِنْتَشَرَ/ يَنْتَشِرُ/ اِنْتَشِرْ/ اِنْتِشَارٌ
To triumph (over) اِنْتَصَرَ/ يَنْتَصِرُ/ اِنْتَصِرْ/ اِنْتِصَارٌ
To wait (for) اِنْتَظَرَ/ يَنْتَظِرُ/ اِنْتَظِرْ/ اِنْتِظَارٌ
To be organized,orderly اِنْتَظَمَ/ يَنْتَظِمُ/ اِنْتَظِمْ/ اِنْتَظَامٌ
To profit from اِنْتَفَعَ/ يَنْتَفِعُ/ اِنْتَفِعْ/ اِنْتِفَاعٌ
To be transferred ie to move اِنْتَقَلَ/ يَنْتَقِلُ/ اِنْتَقِلْ/ اِنْتِقَالٌ
To revenge اِنْتَقَمَ/ يَنْتَقِمُ/ اِنْتَقِمْ/ اِنْتِقَامٌ
To come to an end/to end اِنْتَهَى/ يَنْتَهِيْ/ اِنْتَهِ/ اِنْتِهَاءٌ
To leave, go away اِنْصَرَفَ/ يَنْصَرِفُ/ اِنْصَرِفْ/ اِنْصِرَافٌ
To apply to اِنْطَبَقَ/ يَنْطَبِقُ/ اِنْطَبِقْ/ اِنْطِبَاقٌ
To 1-be untied, undone, disconnected,detached 2-not to stop doing, keep on doing اِنْفَكَّ/ يَنْفَكُّ/ اِنْفَكَّ/ اِنْفِكَاكٌ
To be rightly guided اِهْتَدَى/ يَهْتَدِيْ/ اِهْتَدِ/ اِهْتِدَاءٌ
To be interested in اِهتَمَّ/ يَهْتَمُّ/ اِهْتَمَّ/ اِهْتِمَامٌ
To be slow, to slow down أَبْطَأَ/ يُبْطِئُ/ أَبْطِئْ/ إِبْطَاءٌ
To believe إِعْتَقَدَ/ يَعْتَقِدُ/ اِعْتَقِدْ/ اِعْتِقَادٌ =ظَنَّ قَوِيٌّّ
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