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Essential Words

Abate Reduce, diminish
Abdicate Formally give up the throne or some other power ore responsibility
Aberrant Abnormal, deviant
Abhor detest, regard with disgust
Abjure Give up, renounce; repudiate, recant or shun
Abrasive Rough, suitable for grinding or polishing
Abstain Hold back, refrain
Abridge Reduce or lessen; shorten by omitting parts throughout while retaining the main idea
Acme Summit, peak, highest point
Activism The practice of pursuing political or other goals through vigorous action often including protests and demonstrations
Adhere Stick to or to a plan or belief
Admonish Mildly scold; caution, advise or remind to do something
Adverse Opposing, harmful
Advocate Speak or argue in favor of; a person who pleads for a cause on behalf of another person (if used as noun)
Aesthetic Concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste, pertaining to the science of what is beautiful (adj); a sense of beauty and taste of a particular time and place (noun)
Affable Warm and friendly, pleasant, approachable
Affectation Fake behavior (such as in speech of dress) adopted to give a certain impression
Aggrandize Make greater; exaggerate
Aggregate Gather together, amount to; constituting a whole made up of constituent parts
Alacrity Cheerful or speedy willingness
Alienate Cause to become unfriendly, hostile or distant
Alleviate Lessen, make easier to endure
Ambiguous Not clear, hard to understand
Ambivalent Uncertain; unable to decide
Analogous Comparable, corresponding in some particular way
Anarchy Absence of law or government
Anoint Rub or sprinkle oil on; make sacred, such as by a ceremony that includes applying oil to someone
Antagonize Make hostile or unfriendly
Apocryphal Of questionable authenticity, fake
Arcane Known or understood by only a few; obscure secret
Archaic Characteristic of an earlier period, ancient, primitive
Arduous Very difficult, strenuous; severe, hard to endure
Artless Free of deceit or craftiness, natural, genuine; lacking skill or knowledge, crude, uncultured
Ascertain Find out with certainty
Assuage Make milder, relieve; soothe, pacify, calm
Austere Severe in manner or appearance; very self-disciplined, ascetic; without luxury or ease; sober or serious
Aver Declare or affirm with confidence
Avid Enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate; excessively desirous
Balk Refuse to proceed or do something
Base Morally low, mean, dishonorable; of little or no value; crude and unrefined; counterfeit
Belie Contradict or misrepresent
Benign Harmless, favorable; kindly, gentle or beneficial; no cancerous
Boor rude, ill-mannered or insensitive person; a peasant or country bumpkin
Burgeon Grow or flourish rapidly; put forth buds or shoots (of a plant)
Buttress Support or encourage; a support or prop, esp. projecting from and supporting the wall of a building
Bygone Past former; that which is in the past
Capricious Acting on impulse, erratic
Cartography Mapmaking
Castigate Criticize severely; punish in order to correct
Caustic Capable of corroding metal or burning the skin; very critical or sarcastic
Chauvinism Fanatical patriotism or blind enthusiasm for military glory; undue or biased devotion to any group, cause etc.
Clamor Noisy uproar or protest, as from a crowd; a loud, continuous noise
Clinch Make final or settle conclusively; to fasten or hold together
Coalesce Come together, unit; fuse together
Cogent Very convincing, logical
Commensurate The same in size, extent, equivalent, proportional
Complementary Completing; fitting together well; filling mutual needs
Conciliatory Reconciling, appeasing, attempting to make peace
Confer Consult, compare views; bestow or give
Console Lessen the suffering or grief of; a control panel, or small table or cabinet
Consolidate Unite, combine, solidify, make coherent
Construe Interpret or translate
Contentious Controversial; prone to causing arguments, especially gratuitous or petty ones
Contextualize Place in context, such as by giving the background or circumstances
Conundrum Riddle, the answer to which involves a play on words; any mystery
Conversant Knowledgeable about or experienced with
Copious Plentiful, bountiful
Corroborate Support, add evidence to
Cosmopolitan Belonging to the entire world, at home globally; free from local or national prejudices or attachments
Countenance Facial expression or face; approve or tolerate
Counterpoint contrasting item, opposite; a complement; the use of contrast or interplay in a work of art
Counterproductive Defeating the purpose; preventing the intended goal
Covert Secret, veiled, undercover
Crafty Cunning, skillful in deception or underhanded schemes
Denigrate Belittle, attack the reputation of
Denote Be a name or symbol for
Deride Mock, scoff at, laugh at contemptuously
Desiccate Thoroughly dried up, dehydrated
Detached Impartial, disinterested; unconcerned, distant, aloof
Diatribe Bitter, abusive attack or criticism; rant
Didactic Intended to instruct; teaching, or teaching a moral lesson
Digress Go off-topic when speaking or writing
Din Loud, confused noise, esp. for a long period of time
Disabuse Free someone from a mistake in thinking
Discerning Having good judgment or insight; able to distinguish mentally
Discredit Injure the reputation of, destroy credibility of or confidence in
Discrepancy Difference or inconsistency
Discriminating Judicious, discerning, having good judgment or insight
Disingenuous Insincere, not genuine
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