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Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker Test

Which of the following is always considered to be personal property? 1. appurtenances 2. trade fixtures 3. standing timber Trade Fixtures
Ownership of a parcel of land includes the right to use its surface, however, another person may own the_________? Subsurface rights And Air rights
A riparian owner is one who owns lands bounding on: A Waterway
When personal property is used as consideration in the sale of real property, what is required to convey the personal property at closing? A Bill of Sale
Which of the following is real property? 1 Standing timber on improved land 2 Grape crops sold on contract to a winery 3 Wheat crop on leased land 4 Trade fixtures 1 Standing timber on improved land
Which of the following may properly be considered to be real property? 1 Crop of apples harvested and ready for market 2 Hedge of lilacs that bloom annually 3 House plants growing in tubs on the patio 4 Tools used in the culitivtion of creeping red fe 2 Hedge of lilacs that bloom annually
Real estate is a term that refers to: 1 Land in the physical sense and improvements thereof 2 Rights to own land and the improvements on it 3 Air space above the earth's surface and minerals below the surface 4 All of the above 4 All of the above
A tenant who installed a window air conditioner for their own pleasure and comfort has: 1. converted the AC unit from an item of personal property to an item of real estate 2. lost the right to remove the ac unit from the window when vacating the premis Neither - The AC unit is personal property
Crops grown on land that require annual planting and cultivation are called: 1.emblements 2.personal property Both
Which of the following is automatically included with the sale of a residence? 1.fixtures 2.personal property 1. Fixtures
The protection of not having your property disturbed by losing support from below your property is called: 1 Your right of subjacent support 2 Your right of lateral support 3 Your right of contribution 4 Your riparian right 1 Your right of subjacent support
When you permanently attach personal property to a building so that in a legal sense it becomes part of the real property, it is best defined as: 1 An attachment 2 A fixture 3 An appurtenance 4 An encumbrance 2 A fixture
If a lease is terminated after a crop has been planted, who has the right to harvest the crop? 1. the landlord (lessor) 2. the tenant(lessee) 2. The tenant (lessee)
Which of the following is correct? 1 Property is either real or personal 2 A fixture is personal property 3 A trade fixture is real property 4 Only the surface element of land is considered real property 1 Property is either real or personal
In the US, its true that: 1 All States subscribe to the law doctrine of riparian rights 2 The ownership of water in States where water is scarce is determined by the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation 3 Congress declared all water to be privately owned, e
Created by: tatinney
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