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Math - Review

Quota Rule No state shall receive more seats than it's original UQ or less seats than it's original LQ
Alabama Paradox When the total number of seats is increased a state loses a seat
New States Paradox When a new state is added another existing state receives even more seats
Population Paradox When a states population increases but they actually lose a seat
Hamilton's Method LQ with surplus
Jefferson's Method LQ
Adam's Method UQ
Weber's Method CQ
Minimum number of the quota 1 more than half of all total weights example 1/2(w1+w2+w3) + 1 [q:13,9,8,2] (13+9+8+2) = 32 / 2 = 16 + 1 = answer 17
Maximum number of the quota Sum of all the weights combined
Veto Power Needed in every single coalition in order to pass a motion
Dummy Is not needed to pass a motion
Dictator Can pass a motion by themself
Minimum value of q to ensure all players have veto power (w1+w2+w3+1) Always make the last weight =1
Minimum value of q to ensure p4 is a dummy drop the last weight completely if 4 weights (
Minimum number of Borda Points needed to win the election Number of matches player must win to be Condorcet Add up all BPs depending on how many candidates (5). Take that number multiply it by 5 Do pairwise method then take the number in parenthesis on top.
Super computer problem: Calculate 1 billion with 26 players Take the factorial for number of players and divide it by the # of calculations is needed. Take that answer and divide by 60 Take that answer and divide by 60 Take that answer and divide by 24 Take that answer and divide by 365 answer
Minimum number of votes needed to win by plurality Number of votes times the number candidates
Created by: ecurcic