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Chemistry final exam

A ______ increases reaction rate by decreasing activation energy Catalyst
Is HCL or NaOH a base? NaOH
The reactions that occurs in hot packs is an example of a _______ reaction? Exothermic
Does the reaction increase or decrease when temperature increases? Increase
Lemon Juice had a pH of 2. Is it an acid or base? Acid
Why isn't CH4 an Acid? Because it has no ionizable hy
If Keg is less than 1, are reactants or products favored ar equilibruim? Reactants
If Keg is more than 1, are reactants or products favored at equilibrium? Products
Hydrogen bonding occurs between hydrogen and which other element? Nitrogen, oxygen, and florine
Explain all the phase changes Melting: S to L (Endo) Freezing: L to S (Exo) Vaporization: L to G (Endo) Condensation: G to L (Exo) Sublimation: S to G (Endo)
Explain why freezing is exothermic (in terms of kinetic energy and order) L to S...... Loses energy to get colder.
Which state of matter conducts heat the best? Solids!...because they are close particles and the closest particles have it were energy transfers the fastest.
Dilute A Small Amount of Solute (Watered down)
Concentrated Large amount of solute
The Ability of metals to be drawn into wire is called_____. Ductility
Energy transfer with in water when we heat it up is called _____. Convection
Name one change that can result in equilbrim during a reaction. Concentration, Temperature, volume, or pressure.
Intermolecular Force (IMF'S) Between weak molecules
Is CH4 an Acid? No! Because it is non- polar (-H bonds)
Products of exothermic reaction have ______(less/more) energy than the reactants. Less Energy
Energy transfer from a stove burner to a metal pot is called? Conduction
Kinectic energy is directly proportional to _____. Temperature
Oxidation takes place at the ______ Anode
What is the oxidation state (number) of Na in NaF? + 1
Which is stronger an IMF or a bond? Bond! (James Bond)
Which has a stronger attractive force at room temperature.. a gas, liquid, or solid? Solid
Which state of matter is the best condeuctor? Solid
Which state of matter is the worst conductor? Gas
The ability of metals to be pounded into sheets is called ____ Malleability
What kind of bond will form between lithium and chlorine? Ionic because it has 1 metal and 1 non-meatal.
The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of substance by 1'C is a _____ Calorie
If two objects are the same temperature, what can we conclude about their kinetic energy? That it's the Same!!
Are ionic compounds good conductors in solution? Yes!
Are ionic compounds good conductors as solids? No!
How do you know if something is Exothermic? If it feels warm.
Describe conduction Energy that may be transferred by dirsct contact.
Whcih two reaction types are opposites? Synthesis and decomposition.
Describe Equilibrium Most chemical reactions reach a state of dtnamic equilbrium where the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are equal.
What does a Keg value of >1 tell us? Greater concentration of products at equilbrium.
What does a Keg value of <1 tell us? Greater concentration of reaction at equilbrium.
Two abjects are left in the sun for 2 hours. One is 100'F and the other is only 85'F. Which has a higher specfic heat? 85'F
Calorie 1 Calorie = 4.184J
Describe hydrogen bonding A dipole-dipole force involving hydrogen bonds with N,O,or F
Redox reactions involve the _____ of electrons. Transfer
What kind of bond will form between Oxygen and Nitrogen? A Covalent Bond because its has 2 non-metal
How do you know when something is Endothermic? If it feels cold.
Why does breaking bonds require energy? Because to disrupt a stable situation, energy is needed.
Describe specfic heat The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1g by 1'C.
Does reaction rate increase or decrease when we add a catalyst? Increase
Bleach has a pH of 13 is it an Acid or Base? Base
The reaction that occurs in cold packs is an example of a ______ reaction Endothermic
What kind of reaction goes in both direction? Revisible
Who do different compounds exist in different phases at room temperature and the same pressure? Because their are different strenths of attractive forces.
To melt an ionic compound what kind of force do we break? Ionic Bonds
To melt a covalent compound what kind of forces do we break? Intermoleculare Forces (IMF's)
What are the ideal gas law varibles? P=Pressure N= Moles V= Volume R= Ideal Gas T= 265K
How do cata;yst work? Lowers activation energy
Describe Gay- Lussac's Law As Temp increase Press Increases. As Temp decreases press decreases.
Describe Boyle's Law As volume decreases press increases As volume increases pressure decreases.
describe Charles Law As the Temp increases volume increases. As the Temp decreases Volume decreases.
Describe Gas As Temperature increases, the speed of molecules increase causing more collisions and higher pressure! More collisons= Faster RXN rate!
Dipole- Dipole Forces Attractions between oppositily charged regions of polar molecules.
Kinetic energy/ Entropy As Temperature increases, the adverage Kinectic Energy and the enthropy of the molecules in the sample increase.
Dispersion forces weak forces due to temporary shifts in electron density.
Explain why ionic solids have higher melting points than covalent solids. To melt bonds they must be broken, which are much stronger than IMF's
How does the activation energy detrermine if a chemical Reaction will or will not occur? For a reaction to occur, the molescules must be oriented correctly and must collide with enough energy.
Viscosity Is the thickness/resistences to pouring. High= Honey Low= Water, Coke
Does reaction rate increase or decrease when concenstration of one reatant decreases? Decreases
Does reation rate increase or decrease when we add an inhibitor? Decrease
An unstable solution with more solute than an saturated solutions is called_____? Supersaturated
What happens to boiling point when we add salt to water? Increases
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