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LASA Drugs

drug name and indication

Abelcet (Amphotericin B) Fungal Infection (confused with Amphotericin B) Abelcet (Amphotericin B)
Accupril HTN (Confused with Aciphex) Accupril (Quinipril)
Acetazolamide Glaucoma (confused with acetohexamide)
Aciphex GERD (Rabeprazole)
Acetohexamide DM (Sulfonylurea)
Aricept Alzheimers (Donepezil)
Actonel Osteoporosis (Risendronate)
Activase AMI, AIS, PE
TNKase (Tenectecase) AMI (Fibrinolytic)
Actos DM2
Adacel (Tdap) Active booster
Daptacel (Dtap) Active immunization
Adderall ADHD, Narcolepsy
Inderal HTN, angina, AF
Advair Asthma, COPD
Advicor Dyslipidemia
Afrin Nasal Congestion
Aggrastat Acute coronary syndrome
Argatroban HIT
Aldara Genital warts
Alora Osteoporosis prevention, vasomotor symptoms
Alkeran cancer
Leukeran leukemia
Myleran CML
Allegra seasonal allergy rhinitis
Viagra Erectile dysfunction
Alprazolam panic, anxiety
Lorazepam Anxiety
Amantadine Influenza A, parkinson
Amiodarone Ventricular arrhythmia
Amaryl DM2
Reminyl Alzheimer Disease
Ambisome Cryptococcal meningitis in HIV, fungal infection
Amicar Excessive Bleeding
Omacor Dietary supplement (Omega 3)
Amikin Gram negative infections
Kineret Rheumatoid arthritis
Amiloride CHF, HTN (K sparing diuretic)
Amlodipine HTN, angina
Antacid Acid indigestion
Atacand HTN, HF (Candesartan)
Antivert Motion sickness (Meclizine)
Axert Migraine
Anzemet CINV
Avandamet DM
Orgaran DVT Prevention
Azilect Parkinson
Aripiprazole Bipolar, autism, MDD, Schizophrenia
Rabeprazole GERD
Asacol UC
Os-Cal calcium deficiency
Avandia DM
Prandin DM2
Coumadin Clots
Avinza analgesic
Evista Osteoporosis
Azacitidine myelodysplastic syndrome
Azathioprine rheumatoid arthritis
apresoline HTN (Hydralazine)
Priscoline Pulmonary HTN of newborn
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