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7G What A Waste!

What are landfill sites? large area in which rubbish is left
What are properties and give examples. A description of how a material behaves and what is it like? Hardness is some properties of solid.
Dense Something that its heavy for its volume
What is volume and what is it units? The amount of room something takes up. Often measured in cubic centimeters(cm3)
Which states of matter flows and what does flow mean? Move and change shape smoothly. Liquid
Name the three states of matter and explain what states of matters mean. The three different forms that a substance can be in: Solids, Liquids or Gas
Predictions What you think will happen in an experiment
How does evidence help scientists support their theories? It helps scientists because it supports the scientist's idea and their are information collected in an experiment to back up the theory.
Give some observations about ice It keeps its shape It cannot be squashed It turns into liquid water when it is warmed up.
What is a particle theory? Theory that says that all materials are made out of constantly moving.
What are bonds? Forces holding particles together
Give a clear explanation of solids particle. Solids have particles that are very close together. The particles can only vibrate but are fixed in their places so they can't move past each other.
Give a clear explanation of Liquids particle. The particles in a liquid are close to one another but can move past each other.
Give a clear explanation of Gases particle In gases, the particles are far apart and can move anywhere by themselves.
What is diffusion? When particles move from high concentration to low concentration.
How do the people who runs the landfill sites try to stop ponds forming? They make sure that rainwater, and any liquids formed in the waste, are drained away from the site.
What is often used to cover the waste and why? A covering of clay and to stop gases from escaping into the air.
Why do you need to get rid of the gases from waste and how? Wells are drilled through the clay layer and into the rotting waste. The gases can then be piped out. We need to get rid of gases in a landfill because gases have a chemical called methane. Methane helps to cause global warming.
Vacuum A completely empty space
Explain about geysers Geysers are active in the mornings. In morning the air warms up pushing boiling water up out of the ground too. The geyser lasts for about half an hour before all the boiling water has bee used up.
Created by: Ngoc Nguyen



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