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What a waste

Revision on 7G

Name the main things that solids have Solids stay in one place, unless they are pushed or pulled, do not flow, solids don't change their volume(cannot be squashed)
Why heavy solids often sinks in liquids? Because heavy solids are more dense than liquid so it sinks.
If you put too much water in orange juice, what will happen? The orange juice will dilute and you won't be able to see the orange juice
What features do gas particles have? the particles can move anywhere by themselves, they always bounce into things and us.
Name the main things that liquids have liquids can flow, it fill in whatever container it's in, cannot be squashed
Why do we still smell the smelly gas even if the air is not moving? Because the smelly particles move on their own, also known as diffusion
Why does diffusion happen slower in liquids? Because the particles move slower and there's less space between the particles
How can the landfill sites owner stop the gases escaping into the air? By covered in a layer of clay.
What is a landfill site? Large area which rubbish is left
What can cause the gas to explode in the landfill site? Sparks
Why can't we feel the air pressure? Because we are used to it
When does a balloon stop expanding? When the pressure inside of a balloon is the same as outside
What happen to the particles when they're in cold air? The particles will be close together and create more pressure
What is aether? aether is what gas particles held in
Why does it difficult to pull the hemispheres out when the air is sucked out it these? Because there is no air pressure inside the hemisphere so, the pressure of the air on the outside of the hemispheres pushes them together
Created by: KhanhDo