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7F Revision(Science)

7F bubbles, bang and burning chemistry science revision

Sodium+Nitrogen-> Sodium+Nitrogen-> Sodium Nitride
opposite of Chemical Reaction Physical Change
Calcium+Fluorine-> Calcium+Fluorine-> Calcium Fluoride
Dry ice is made from=? Solid Carbon Dioxide
Food changes colour when you cook them because of=? Chemical Reaction
Magnesium+oxygen=reactant or product Reactant
What are the 3 substances/things that fire need to burn? Oxygen, Heat, Fuel
What type of extuinguisher is needed to put out electrical fires? Carbon Dioxide
Why do forests have a fire break? to stop the fire from spreading through the entire forest
What type of fire is Dry Powder used to put it out Fires involving metals or electrical fires
Methane+Oxygen-> Methane+Oxygen->Carbon Dioxide+Water
is the burning of a candle reversible or irreversible Reversible
Barium Chloride+Sodium Sulfate-> Barium Chloride+Sodium Sulfate->Barium Sulfate+Sodium Chloride
Iron Oxide+Aluminum-> Iron Oxide+Aluminum->Aluminum Oxide+Iron
Cobalt+Chloride-> Cobalt+Chloride-> Cobalt Chloride
Zinc+Nitrogen-> Zinc+Nitrogen-> Zinc Nitride
Lithium+Fluorine-> Lithium+Fluorine-> Lithium Fluoride
Sodium+Iodine-> Sodium+Iodine-> Sodium Iodide
Calcium+Bromine-> Calcium+Bromine-> Calcium Bromide
Zinc+Hydrochloric Acid-> Zinc+Hydrochloric Acid->Zinc Chloride+Hydrogen
Nickel+Chlorine-> Nickel+Chlorine-> Nickel Chloride
Potassium+Bromine-> Potassium+Bromine-> Potassium Bromide
Created by: tnguyen17