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7F flashcards

7F flashcard

metal + oxygen -> metal oxide
Metal + hydrochloric acid -> hydrogen gas + metal salt
what makes limewater go milky carbon dioxide
3 sides of fire triangle fuel, oxygen and heat
carbon dioxide has to be used on what type of fire electrical fire
how to find out if there is hydrogen if a lighted splint touches hydrogen it will give a squeaky pop
what happens to metal if it reacts to water and air it corrodes
If dry ice melts what happens it will go from solid straight to carbon dioxide.
is ice freezing a reversible or a irreversible change? reversible change
what is a fire break? a wide gap between forest to stop the forest fire spreading any farther
fuel + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water
what is hydrocarbon any chemical made out of carbon and hydrogen
what extuingisher type should you not use on burning fuel water
what extuingisher type should you use on burning fuel foam (AFFF)
what type of fire should you use for foam wood, paper, petrol, solvents, paints, plastic
what type of fire should you use for water wood, paper, cloth
what type of fire should you use for dry powder fires involving metals or electrical fire
what is physical reaction when no new substances are formed.
what is chemical reaction produces new substances
to make dry ice you have to cool carbon dioxide to what temperature -80.C
what three factors make an explosion a large amount of gas a lot of heat plenty of oxygen
is fireworks a reversible or an irreversible change irreversible
what is irreversible and reversible reversible: when something can be changed irreversible: when something can't be changed
what makes carbon monoxide methane + oxygen ->
is carbon monoxide poisonous yes
why is dry ice called dry ice because although it is ice it does not turn into water or any liquid
why does the carbon in the fuel form carbon powder when the oxygen supply is restriced
what is the first ever explosive gunpowder
where was gunpowder invented in china
mathane + what -> carbon monoxide + water oxygen
TNT is used to blast rocks out of quarries True or False True
what happen when a candle in placed in a beaker it will go out
why does a candle go out when a it is placed in a beaker it will use all the oxygen then go out
is diesel a hydrocarbon yes
fuel + what -> carbon dioxide + water oxygen
what + oxygen -> magnesium oxide magnesium
what + hydrochloric acid -> hydrogen + iron chloride iron
calsium carbonate + sulphuric acid -> carbon dioxide + calcium sulphate
What is the best way to put out a fire cover the fire
What is me? ME!
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