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Marine Science Ch 17

Ch 17 Review MCs

What allocates resources? supply and demand
What is considered to be the world's most important marine product? algin
What tools do fishermen now employ to locate schools of fish? satellite sensors, aerial photography, scouting vessels, and sonar
How is freshwater obtained as a marine resource? desalination
What is the fastest-growing mariculture production? shrimp
Why does oil seep to the surface from its source rock? it is less dense than the surrounding sediments
What marine resource has been rendered uneconomical due to the cost of excavation? manganese nodules
Why is the extraction of wind so effective over or near the ocean? less stuff to get in the way; more steady
What is the petroleum found in marine sediments likely to have been formed from? plankton
How much of the world's table salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater? 1/3
Geologists use _______ to view sediment layers, depth, and possible reservoir structures. sound reflected off subsurface structures
What is the second most valuable marine resource? sand and gravel
In theory, what are free-market economies based upon? pure competition
What is the fastest-growing energy alternative to oil? wind power
What legislative policy reduced the number of dolphin deaths associated with tuna fishing? U.S. Marine Mammals Protection Act
How much of the world's crude oil is found on the seafloor? 35%
When did the harvesting of commercial whale species cease? 1987, when it became uneconomical
What did the United States Exclusive Economic Zone exclude from the original 1982 United Nations Treaty? provision of shared high seas resources
Which United States location contributes to most of the exploitable sand? Alaska
What is the main species of whale targeted by the Japanese and Norwegian whalers? minke
What is not true of territorial waters? bullets on separate paper
What kind of resource is waste disposal? a nonextracted resource
What type of net has been particulary disruptive in the mistargeting of species? drift net
What was first created in an effort to claim the continental shelf as belonging to the nation it was attached to? Law of the Sea
What is the largest known reservoir of hydrocarbons on Earth? methane-laced ice crystals or methane hydrate
What is bycatch? animals that are unintentionally killed
Who is responsible for the consumption of approximately a quarter of the global oil supply? United States
How much of the fish stocks are considered to be overfished? 65%
Why is methane hydrate not harvested for energy use? it is expensive, dangerous, and disappears very fast
When a resource is present in a fixed amount, it is said to be: nonrenewable
Created by: Koolia101