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gcse science P4 - B

specific for ocr gateway additonal science B.

what is defibrillation? a procedure to restore a regular hearth rhythm, by delivering an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart
how does defibrillation work? -2 paddles are charged from a high voltage supply -placed firmly on patients chest, to ensure good electrical contact -electric charge passed through the patient to make their heart contract
what precautions are taken when using defibrillators? -handles are insulated so that the person using the defibrillator doesn't get a shock -everyone is told to stand clear so that they don't get a shock
what is static electricity used in? paint sprayers
how do paint sprayers work? -spray gun is charged -paint becomes charged by the same charge, like charges repel, so the paint spreads out giving an even coat -item to be painted is given the opposite charge as the paint, opposite charges attract, so the paint sticks to the object
what happens if the object to be painted is not charged? the object becomes charged from the paint, gaining the same charge, so paint droplets are repelled away from the object
what does a dust precipitator do? removes harmful particles that pollute the atmosphere from the chimneys of factories and power stations
how does a dust precipitator work? step 1 -wires are placed in the chimney and are given a large negative charge from a high-voltage supply
how does a dust precipitator work? step 2 -as the soot particles pass close to the wires, they receive a negative charge
how does a dust precipitator work? step 3 -like charges repel, so the soot particles are repelled away from the wires
how does a dust precipitator work? step 4 they are attracted to the positively charged plates and stick to them
how does a dust precipitator work? step 5 when the particles get big enough, they fall back down the chimney
Created by: jirwin