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Vocabulary Finals

Math 6th grade 65

Prime Factorization Expressing a number as the product of its prime number.
Prime A number that has exactly two factors, itself and 1
percent A special ratio that compares a number to 100 using the symbol %
y-axis The vertical number line used to make a graph
ratio A comparison of two quantities usually expressed as a fraction
Decimal An equivalent of a fraction found by dividing the numerator by the denominator
Reciprocal Switching the numerator and denominator in a fraction
Isosceles A triangle that has two equal sides
X-axis The horizontal number line used to make a graph
similar Figures with the same shape,but not necessarily the same size; corresponding sides are proportional
Composite A whole number with factors other than itself and 1
Repeating decimal A polygon with all sides the same length
multiple The product of two whole numbers
independent variable The variable wose value determines the value of the other variable
perimeter The distance around a polygon
transversal A line that intersects two or more lines
supplementary Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
numerator The number written above the line in a fraction
corresponding Sides or angles that have the same position in similar figures
outcome One of the possible events in a probability experiment
terminating decimal A decimal that contains a finite number of digits
complementary Two angles that have measures with a sum of 90 degrees
Factor Two numbers that are multiplied
scale The way each axis of a coordinate grid is labeled
radius The segment from the center of a circle to a point on the circle
symmetry A line that divides a figure into two congruent halves that are mirror images of each other
scalene A triangle that has no sides the same length
fraction A number that shows the part of a whole
dependent variable The variable whose value is determined by the other variable in a relationship
base The side of a plane figure that it rests on.
parallelogram A quadrilateral that has two sets of parallel lines
quadrilateral A polygon with four sides
equivalent Equal in value
ordered pair A pair of points that gives the coordinates of a point on a grid (horizontal,vertical)
area The space inside a 2-dimensional shape
Straight angle An angle that measures 180 degrees
Parallel Two lines that are an equal distance apart and will never intersect
exponet The small raised number that tells how mant times a factor is multiplied by itself
variable A quantity that can change; represents an unknown (usually represented by a letter)
circumfrence The distance around a circle
polygon A closed figure formed by three or more line segments
perpendicular lines Two lines that intersect to form right angles
scale factor The ratio between the lengths of corresponding sides of tow similar figures
probabilty The chance of an event occuring
pi The mathematical naem for the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter
vertex The point where two sides of an angle meet
diagonal A line segment that joins vertices of a polygon but its not a side of the polygon
congruent Having exactly the same shape and size
denominator The quantity below the line in a fraction
diameter The line segment that stretches from one side of a circle through the center to the other side
pentagon A polygon that has five sides
Hexagon A polygon with six sides
Created by: snedigad