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All the Vocab

For the Exam

sav to taste, to think
savvy knowledgeable or clever
savor to continue to taste
cogn to know
recognize to see something that you've seen before
incognito in disguise
cognitive having to do with thought and thinking
connoisseur someone with advanced knowledge in a specific area
cognizant being aware
opt to choose (root and word)
option a choice
adopt to choose for oneself
psych mind (root)
mnem to remember or remembering (root)
memor remembering (root)
psyche the mind or the soul
psychic to be able to read another's mind, predict the future; to have powers beyond the laws of nature
psychology the study of the mind
amnesty an official pardon for a wrong doing or a kind of official forgetting of a crime
amnesia a loss of memory
commemorate to celebrate or officially remember something or someone
memorandum a written reminder or message
memorial something that serves as a reminder or tribute
consequence a result of an action
rationale a reason for doing something
sequence the order of something
ratio a comparison in size between one thing and another
rational having reason
sequel a book that follows another
subsequent coming after, following
ration a calculated portion
ver true (root)
verify To check the truth of something
veracity truth (word)
verdict statement of innocence or guilt
fidelity faithfulness
infidel non-believer or one who betrays
confide to trust someone with information
confidant someone to whom you can tell something private without fear that he or she will tell someone else.
fid faithful; to trust or to believe (root)
leg law (root)
legislate to make into a law
legitimate valid or lawful
jus, jur law (root)
justice the fair administration of law
justify to prove that something is right
jurisdiction an area where a law or power of law is in effect
perjure to lie under oath in a court of law
jurisprudence The science of the law
bell war (root)
pac peace (root)
plac to make calm (root)
bellicose eager to fight
belligerent warlike or hostile
rebel to rise in opposition
pacify to make peace
pact an agreement, often one for peace
placid calm, smooth, undisturbed
placebo no real effect or value, but seems to
placate to calm or pacify
interrogate to question
inquisition a formal hearing
quest a journey to find something
arrogant proud; asking too much
acquire to obtain or get
prerogative a right or privilege; a choice
inquisitive asking many questions or being curious
query quest
roga to ask (r)
quer to ask (q)
quisit to ask (qt)
rat (root) order, reason
sequ to follow
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