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Math vocab 7th

Area The base and height of a shape multiplied
Combination Where the order of the objects doesn't matter
Event An outcome or collection of outcomes
Factorial ex) 4! is 1*2*3*4= 24
FOIL ex) (2a+6)(a+5)= 2a°+16a+30
Fundamental Counting Principal If one thing can happen M ways and another can happen N ways they they can both occur MN ways
Linear Equation An equation that is a straight line
Odds in Favor The odds with the favorable odds in the front
Odds Against The odds with the unfavorable odds in the front
Origin The point (0,0) on a graph
Outcome The possible results of an experiment
Percent A ratio whose denominator is 100
Percent Change How much a quantity increases or decreases
Perimeter The length of all of the sides of a shape added
Permutation Where the order of objects is important
Probability A number from 0 to 1 that measures the likelihood that an event will occur
Quadrant One of the regions on a coordinate plane
Sample Space All possible outcomes
Positive Slope Rise over run traveling up and right
Negative Slope Rise over run traveling down and left
Slope-Intercept Form of a Line The form y=mx+b
Tree Diagram A diagram that uses branching to list all possible outcomes
X-axis The horizontal line on a coordinate plane
X-intercept The point on a coordinate plane where a line crosses the x-axis
Y-axis The vertical line on a coordinate plane
Y-intercept The point on a coordinate plane where a line crosses the y-axis
Created by: SuperRock2