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Bilovsky Unit 3B

When people notice you Attention
A tool for a specific job Device
A condition that stops you from doing something Disability
Something that makes life more difficult Disadvantage
When you connect with a group Identify
To keep things apart Separate
a set of events or circumstances Situation
With other people social
When you have the same opinion, idea or belief as someone else Agreement
no one is with you alone
to reach a place arrive
something you do not hear or see very often exotic
when you want something that someone else has Jealous
something you see, do, or hear often ordinary
to make ready prepare
to say something is possible suggest
To worry or be afraid to do something afraid
a person who others think is not important nobody
to join in an activity Participate
show a talent to a group of people perform
a person others think is important somebody
to help make an event happen sponsor
an action that shows you care support
a feeling of worry or stress Tension
Created by: mbilovsky