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German Verb List

beginnen to begin
besuchen to visit
bezahlen to pay
blühen to bloom
brauchen to need
danken to thank
decken to cover, to set (the table)
dienen to serve
erklären to explain
erzählen to tell
fragen to ask
gehen to go
gehorchen to obey
glauben to believe
hängen to hang
hoffen to hope
horchen to listen
hören to hear
kommen to come
lachen to laugh
leben to live
lieben to love
machen to make, to do
probieren to try
prüfen to test
rauchen to smoke
sagen to say
schauen to look
schicken to send
spielen to play
suchen to look for, to search
weinen to cry
wiederholen to repeat
wohnen to live, reside
zahlen to pa
zählen to count
zeigen to show, point
beeinflussen to influence
beißen to bite
besitzen to own
beweisen to prove
genießen to enjoy
geißen to pour
heißen to be called
pflanzen to plant
putzen to clean
reisen to travel
reißen to tear
schließen to close
sich setzen to sit down
sitzen to sit
tanzen to dance
verletzen to injure
verschmutzen to pollute
antworten to answer
arbeiten to work
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