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verisimilitude the appearance of truth
veritable true; genuine
verity truth
vernacular informal language
vernal pertaining to spring
vertex highest point
vertiginous unstable
verve enthusiasm
vestige a trace; visible evidence of something that is no longer present
vex to irritate
viable capable of living; workable; practicable
viaduct a bridge
viands various foods
vicarious acting for another person
viceroy a representative or a deputy
vicissitudes unpredictable changes
victuals food
vie to compete
vigilant watchful
vignette a short literary work
vilify to speak evil of
vindicate to clear of guilt
vindictive seeking revenge
vintage representative of the best
viper a poisonous snake or a spiteful person
virago a bad-tempered woman
virile masculine
virtue moral excellence
virtuoso an expert musician
virulent deadly; harmful
visage appearance
visceral pertaining to instinct
viscous sticky
vista a wide view
vital necessary; essential
vitiate to weaken
vitreous clear or glass-like
vitriolic sharp or bitter
vituperate criticize
vivify to enliven
vixen female fox or bad-tempered woman
vociferous shouting; talkative
vogue fashion (in fashion)
volant capable of flying
volatile unstable; explosive; changeable
volition free will
voluble talkative
voluminous large; spacious
voluptuous sensual
voracious extremely hungry or greedy
votary a loyal follower
vouch to guarantee or certify as true
vulnerable defenseless; capable of being harmed
vulpine clever, wolf-like
waif a homeless person
waive to give up
wallow to indulge oneself or to roll in
wan weak; tired
wane to gradually decrease
wangle to manipulate
wanton reckless
warble to sing
wary cautious
wastrel one who wastes; a spendthrift
waver to be uncertain
wax to grow in size or intensity
weighty of great importance
wend to direct one’s way
wheedle to persuade
whet to stimulate or to sharpen
whimsical unpredictable
wield to handle or exercise control over
willful stubborn or intentional
wily tricky; sly
wince to shrink, as in pain, fear, etc; to flinch
windfall unexpected gift
winsome pleasing
wizened withered; shriveled
woe sorrow
wolfish ferocious
wont (to) accustomed (adjective)
workaday ordinary
wraith a ghost or shadow
wrangle to quarrel
wrench to twist
wrest to take away
wroth angry
wrought produced or shaped
wry ironic
xenophobia fear of strangers
xeric dry, lacking moisture
yen strong desire
yoke to join together
zany comical
zeal great enthusiasm
zealot a fanatic
zenith the highest point
zephyr a gentle breeze
zest enjoyment
zymurgy fermentation chemistry, as in wine making
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