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truckle to submit
truculent brutal or cruel
truism obvious truth
truncate to shorten
truncheon a club
tryst a secret meeting
tumid swollen
tumult great noise
turbid unclear
turgid swollen
turpitude shameful behavior
tussle a fight
tutelage instruction; under a tutor
twain two
tyro a beginner
ubiquitous present everywhere
ulcerous infected
ulterior hidden
ultimatum a final demand
umbrage a feeling of resentment
unanimity agreement
unassailable unable to be attacked
uncanny strange
unconscionable unreasonable or excessive
uncouth crude
unctuous overly polite
undermine to weaken; to wear away
undue inappropriate
undulate wavelike motion
unequivocal definite
unfledged immature
uniform constant; lacking variety
unilateral one-sided
unimpeachable unquestionable
uninhibited free; not limited
universal general or everywhere
unkempt sloppy
unmindful unaware
unmitigated absolute
unobtrusive not noticeable
unprecedented happening for the first time; novel
unruly disorderly
unsavory unpleasant
unscathed unharmed
unseemly in poor taste
untenable unable to be defended
unwieldy hard to manage
unwitting unintentional
upbraid to find fault with
uproarious loud
urbane refined
urchin a mischievous child
usurp to take illegally
usury excessive amount of money charged as interest
utilitarian practical
utopian perfect
vacillate to sway; unable to decide; waffle
vacuous empty; spacious
vagabond a wanderer
vagary an odd idea
vagrant a homeless person; a tramp
vainglorious boastful
valedictory saying farewell
valiant courageous
valid true; factual; evident
validate to approve; to confirm
vanguard in the front
vanity excessive pride
vapid uninteresting
variegated having different colors
vaunt to brag
veer to change direction
vegetate lead an inactive life
vehement forceful; urgent
venal corrupt
vendetta bitter feud
veneer an outward show or covering
venerable worthy of respect
venial excusable
venomous poisonous or malicious
vent to release
veracious honest
verbatim word for word
verbiage words
verbose wordy; talkative
verdant green
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