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tableau a graphic picture
taboo prohibited act
tacit expressed without words
taciturn silent; talking little
tactile pertaining to the sense of touch
taint to contaminate; corrupt
talisman charm
tally to add up
tangent touching or a change of course
tantalize lease
tantamount equal
tarry delay
taunt to ridicule
taut tight; ready
tawdry cheap and gaudy
tedious boring; tiring
temerity boldness
temper restrain; toughen
temperate mild or self-controlled
temporal not lasting forever
temporize avoid committing oneself; gain time
tenacious holding fast
tenacity persistency
tendentious biased
tedious boring; painstaking
tenet doctrine; beliefs
tensile capable of being stretched
tentative temporary; hesitant
tenuous rare; slim
tenure time of hoding an office
tepid lukewarm
terminate to end
terminus last stop
terrestrial earthy
terse brief
testy irritable
theocracy government by religious leaders
therapeutic pertaining to the treatment of disease
thermal pertaining to heat
thesaurus a book of synonyms and antonyms; a dictionary
thespian an actor
thrall a slave
threnody a funeral song
throes a violent struggle; in agony
throng a crowd
thwart to prevent
timorous cowardly
tinge a trace
tirade an angry speech
titanic huge
titillate to excite
titter a nervous laugh
token a symbol; unimportant
tome a large book
toothsome tasty
torpid sluggish
torsion twisting; bending
torso the trunk of the human body
tortuous twisting or winding
touchstone standard; benchmark
tractable easy to manage
traduce to slander
trait a characteristic
tranquil calm
transcend to go beyond
transcendental supernatural
transgression a violation
transient temporary
transitory brief
translucent letting light through
transmute to change from one form to another
transparent easily seen through
transpire to occur
trappings articles of dress or equipment
trauma a shock
travail hard work
travesty a poor imitation
treacherous disloyal or dangerous
treatise a book about one particular subject
treble three times as much
tremulous trembling
trenchant vigorous or effective
trepidation fear
tribulation trouble
tributary a stream flowing into a river
tribute a gift to show respect
trinity group of three
trite worn out or commonplace
trivia things that are very unimportant
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