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stamina staying power
stanch check the flow of
stanza a section of a poem
stark real; unadorned
static unchanging; stationary; not moving
stationary not moving
statute law
steadfast loyal
stentorian extremely loud
stereotype fixed representation; not original
sterling outstanding
stigma mark of disgrace
stilted pompous; inflated
stint assigned amount of work
stipend pay for services
stipulate special condition or demand
stoic indifferent to pleasure or pain
stolid dull; unemotional
stratagem deceptive scheme
strew scatter
striated parallel bands; grooved
stricture critical comments
strident loud and harsh
stringent binding; rigid; harsh; strict
strut pompous walk or supporting bar
stultify cause to appear foolish
stupefy to make dull
stygian gloomy; deathly
stymie to block or stump
suave smooth
subjective personal
subjugate to conquer; bring under control
sublimate purify
sublime exalted; noble
subliminal below conscious thought
submission yielding to; surrender
subordinate inferior
subsequent following
subservient behaving like a slave
subside settle down; descend
subsidiary subordinate; secondary
subsistence minimum means of support
substantiate verify or support
substantive essential
subterfuge pretense
subtle not obvious; hard to see
subtlety cunning; delicacy
subversive to overthrow or ruin
succinct brief; compact
succor aid; assistance
succulent juicy; richness
succumb give in
suffrage right to vote
suffuse to spread
sully tarnish; soil
sultry hot; sweltering
sumptuous lavish; rich
supercilious contemptuous; arrogant; haughty
superficial shallow; on the surface only
superfluous excessive; unnecessary
supernal heavenly
supernumerary in excess of what is necessary
supersede to be set aside; replace
supine lying on the back
supplant replace
supple flexible
supplement added to
suppliant entreating; pleading
supplicate to implore or beg for
supposititious assumed; hypothetical
surcease cessation
surmise assume
surpass exceed
surreptitious secret
surrogate substitute
surveillance watching
susceptible easily influenced; having little resistance
sustenance means of support
suture stitches
swarthy dark
swathe wrap around; bandage
sybarite lover of luxury
sycophant a flatterer
sylvan pertaining to woods; rustic
symbiosis a close, beneficial association of two organisms
symmetry balanced arrangement
synchronous working together at the same time
synthesis combining parts into a whole
synthetic artificial
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