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serrated having tooth-like edges
serpentine winding or crafty
servile acting like a slave; submissive
servitude slavery
sever to separate or cut
shackle to restrain
sham a pretense
shard a fragment
sheepish bashful
shibboleth a password
shiftless lazy
shoal a shallow place in the water
shrew a nagging woman
shroud a sheet in which a body is wrapped for burial
sibilant hissing
sibling a brother or sister
simile a comparison using like or as
simper a silly smile
simulacrum superficial likeness or image
simulate to pretend; to imitate
simultaneous occurring at the same time
sinecure job with no real work
sinewy tough or firm
singular extraordinary or exceptional
sinister threatening evil
sinuous winding
siren an attractive but dangerous woman
skeptic one who doubts
skinflint stingy person
skittish excitable or nervous
skullduggery deception
skulk to sneak around
slake to quench or satisfy
slander to speak falsely against someone
slither to slide or glide
slough to discard
slovenly untidy or dirty
smirk an offensive smile
smite to hit forcefully
smolder to burn without flame; to conceal hostility
smug self-satisfied
snare to trap
sneer to look at with contempt
snicker to laugh in a suppressed way
snippet a small part
snivel to whine; to complain
sober not drunk; serious; solemn
sobriquet assumed name
sodden soaked, damp
sojourn a brief stay or visit
solace comfort
solecism ungrammatical usage
solemn serious; grave
solicit to ask; to seek
solicitude concern
soliloquy talking to oneself
solitude loneliness; being alone
solon a wise man
solvent the ability to pay; a substance that dissolves another
somber dark or gloomy
somnambulate walk in one’s sleep
somnolent drowsy; sleepy
sonorous resounding
sophistry seemingly believable but false reasoning
sophomoric immature
soporific sleep inducing
sordid filthy; base; vile
sovereign supreme in power
spangle small metallic ornamentation sewn to clothing
sparse not thick; thinly scattered
spasm fitful, involuntary contraction
spate sudden flood or strong outburst; a large number or amount
specious seemingly reasonable but incorrect
specter ghost-like image
sphinx-like mysterious
splenetic spiteful; irritable
sporadic occurring irregularly
spry active; nimble
spume foam
spurious false; counterfeit
spurn reject
squalid dirty; poor
squander waste
staccato done in a sharp or abrupt manner
stagnant motionless; stale; not moving
staid serious; sedate
stalemate deadlock
stalwart strong; steadfast
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