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rollicking carefree
roster a list
rote from memory
rout overwhelming defeat
rudimentary elementary
rue to regret
ruffian lawless person
ruffle a wrinkle or to irritate
ruminate to think about carefully
ruse a trick or deception
rustic pertaining to the country
rustle to steal or a swishing sound
ruthless cruel
saccharine overly sweet
sacrilege the violation of things sacred
sacrosanct extremely holy
sadistic pleasure from inflicting pain
saga a long story
sage a wise person
salacious obscene
salient significant
saline salty
sallow sickly, pale
salubrious healthful
salutary healthful; wholesome
salutatory a welcoming speech
sanctimonious hypocritical
sanction to authorize
sangfroid calmness
sanguinary bloody
sanguine cheerful or hopeful
sapient wise
sardonic mocking
sartorial pertaining to tailoring or clothes
satiated satisfied; filled up
satirical sarcastic; ironic
saturate to soak
saturnine gloomy; sluggish
saunter to stroll; to walk leisurely
savant a person of extensive learning
savor to enjoy
scant inadequate in size or amount
scapegoat one who takes the blame
scathing very severe or harsh
schism a split or break
scintilla a tiny amount
scintillate to sparkle
scion a descendant
scoff to ridicule
scope range; extent
scourge a person or thing that punishes
scrupulous honest or exact; careful; diligent
scrutinize to examine closely
scurrilous abusive or vulgar
scurry run about; to hurry
scuttle to abandon
sear to burn
sebaceous fatty
secrete to hide or conceal
secular worldly
sedate quiet or calm
sedentary sitting most of the time
sediment material that settles on the bottom; residue
sedition rebellion
sedulous hard-working; industrious; diligent
seedy run-down
seethe to be violently angry
semblance outward appearance
senile mental weakness; old or aged
sensual pertaining to pleasure
sententious using wise sayings
sentient conscious
sentinel a guard
sepulcher a tomb
sequel an event following a previous one
sequester to separate
seraphic pure
serendipity a talent for finding valuable things by accident
serene peaceful
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