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Page 88

regenerate to re-create; to reform morally; to replace a lost part of the body
regent one who governs
regicide the killing of a king
regime a system of government
regimen a regular routine
regurgitate to bring back
rehabilitate to restore
reimburse to pay back
reiterate to repeat
rejuvenate to make new or young again
relegate to give an inferior position to
relentless unyielding
relevant pertaining to the subject
relinquish to give up
relish to enjoy
remediable capable of being corrected
remedial intended to correct
reminisce to remember
remiss negligent
remission a lessening; a forgiveness of offenses
remonstrate to protest
remorse regret; sadness
remunerate payment for a service
renaissance rebirth; renewal; revival
rend to split; to tear apart
rendezvous a meeting; appointment
renegade traitor or outlaw
renege to go back on one’s word
reparation compensation; to make up for a wrong
repartee a witty reply
repast a meal
repercussion after-effect
repertoire special skills or talents
repine to complain; to fret
replete filled
repose to rest
reprehensible shameful
repress to control; to hold down
reprimand to scold
reprisal revenge
reproach to blame
reprobate a wicked person
reproof a rebuke
repudiate to reject
repugnant disgusting
repulse to drive back
reputed supposed to be
requiem funeral hymn
requisite required or necessary
requite to return or avenge
rescind to cancel; to repeal
resignation acceptance of a situation or circumstance
resilient recovering quickly
resolute very determined
resolve solve a problem; strong determination
resonance fullness of sound
respite a rest
resplendent shining brightly
restitution repayment
restive restless or impatient
résumé a summary
resurge to rise again
resurrection revival
resuscitate to revive
retaliation revenge
retentive having a good memory
reticent silent or reserved
retinue group of followers
retort a short, witty reply
retract to take back
retrench to cut back or reduce
retribution punishment
retroactive applying to a period before a certain Act was passed
retrogressive going backwards
revelation something made known
revelry merrymaking
reverberate to echo
revere to respect; to honor
reverie a daydream
revile to abuse
rhetorical concerned with style not content
ribald vulgar; indecent
rife frequently occurring
rift a break or split
rigorous strict; harsh; severe
risible funny
risqué daring or not proper
rite a ceremony
robust strong
rogue a dishonest person
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