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Page 87

quaint pleasing or amusing
qualm a feeling of uneasiness
quandary a puzzling situation
quarry being hunted
quash to cancel
quasi resembling
quaver to tremble
quay a wharf
queasy uneasy
quell to calm down
querulous complaining
query a question
quest a search
queue a line of people
quibble petty argument
quiddity essential quality
quidnunc a gossip
quiescent motionless
quietus finishing stroke; anything that ends an activity
quintessence essence of something
quip a witty remark
quirk a peculiar characteristic; a sudden twist or turn
quiver to tremble
quixotic extremely idealistic
quizzical questioning or puzzled
quotidian daily
rabble disorderly crowd
rabid intense or mad
rack to torture
raconteur storyteller
radical extreme; complete; violent
rail to complain bitterly
raiment clothing
rakish carefree
rambunctious hard to control
ramification a result or a consequence
rampant widespread
rancid a bad taste or smell; stale
rancor hatred
rankle to irritate
rant to speak in a loud manner
rapacious taking by force
rapport harmony
rapt completely absorbed in or overcome with joy
rarefy to make less dense; to refine
rash a skin irritation; reckless
raspy harsh; grating
ratify to approve of
ratiocinate to reason
ration a fixed portion
rational reasonable
rationalize to make an excuse for
raucous irritating or harsh sound
ravenous extremely hungry; greedy
raze to destroy
realm kingdom or region
rebuff to reject
rebuke to scold
rebuttal opposing argument
recalcitrant hard to manage
recant to withdraw a statement
recapitulate to summarize
recede to withdraw
recess a notch in something or a pause or rest
recidivism to return to criminal behavior
reciprocal interchangeable
reciprocate to give in return
recluse hermit
reconcile to bring into agreement or harmony
recondite hard to understand
reconnoiter to survey
recount to tell a story
recreant coward
recrimination countercharge
rectify to correct
rectitude honest
recumbent reclining
recuperate to recover
redemption deliverance or rescue
redolent having a pleasant odor
redoubtable formidable
redress to remedy
redundant superfluous; unnecessary; repetitive
refractory stubborn
refulgent shining; glowing
refurbish to make new
refute to prove wrong; disprove
regal pertaining to a ruler; splendid
regale to entertain
Created by: CCHS-FS