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Page 85

plague a contagious disease; to trouble
plaintive sorrowful
platitude a dull or trite remark
platonic spiritual; free from sensual desire
plaudit applause; any expression of approval
plausible apparently true; reasonable
plebeian pertaining to the lower classes
plenary complete or absolute
plethora abundance
pliant easily bent
plight a sad situation
ploy a trick
pluck to pull at; courage
plumb to measure
plutocracy rule by the wealthy class
poach hunt or fish illegally
podium a platform
poignant distressing; affecting the emotions
polarize to separate into opposing groups
polemic a controversy
politic diplomatic
poltroon a coward
polychromatic many-colored
polyglot speaking or writing several languages
polymorphic having many forms
polytheism belief in many gods
pomp show or display
ponder to think deeply
ponderous heavy
porcine like a pig
portable capable of being carried
portal door or entrance
portentous warning
portly large
posterity future generations
posthumous after death
postulate to assume
potable drinkable
potent powerful
potentate ruler
potential capacity or ability
potion a drink
potpourri a mixture
pragmatic practical
prate to talk long and pointlessly
precarious uncertain or risky
precedent an act used as an example
precept a rule of conduct
precipice cliff
precipitate to bring about an action
precipitous extremely steep
précis brief summary
preclude to shut out; prevent
precocious prematurely developed
precursor a forerunner
predecessor one who comes before another
predicate to declare
predilection a liking; preference; inclination
predispose inclined in advance
preeminent standing out above all others
preen to dress
prehensile adapted for grasping something
premeditate to plan beforehand
premier first in importance
premise statement made as a basis for an argument
premonition forewarning
preponderance superiority in quantity; dominance
preposterous ridiculous
prerogative privilege
presage to indicate or warn in advance
prescience knowledge of things before they happen
presentiment anticipation, especially of something evil
prestige importance
presumptuous boldly assuming
pretentious showy; self-important; pompous
preternatural abnormal
pretext a false reason
prevail to succeed
prevaricate to lie
prim formal; proper
primeval of the earliest times
primogeniture state of being the first born
primordial original
primp to dress up in a fussy way
prismatic many-colored
pristine uncorrupted; in its original state
privation loss of something essential
privy having knowledge of something private
probe to investigate or examine
probity honesty
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