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Page 84

patronage the power to make appointments to government jobs
patronize to be a customer or to talk down to
paucity scarcity; lack of
peccadillo a minor offense
pectoral pertaining to the chest
peculate to steal
pecuniary pertaining to money
pedagogue a schoolteacher
pedantic to show off one’s knowledge
pedestrian ordinary; common; banal
pedigree a record of ancestors
peer an equal or to look at closely
peerless without equal
peevish hard to please
pejorative insulting
pellucid transparent
pelt skin of an animal; to throw
penal pertaining to punishment
penchant a strong liking for
penitent expressing sorrow for a wrongdoing
pensive thoughtful
penury extreme poverty
peon common worker
perceive to observe or understand
perceptible recognizable
perceptive quick witted; keen
perdition damnation
peregrinate to travel; journey
peremptory decisive or final
perennial lasting for a long time; perpetual
perfidious deceitful; unfaithful
perforce of necessity
perfunctory routine
perigee point nearest to the earth
periphery outside boundary; unimportant area of a subject
permeate to spread throughout
pernicious destructive
peroration the concluding part of a speech
perpetrate to be guilty of
perpetuate cause to continue
perplex confuse
perquisite something additional to regular pay
persevere to endure
personification giving human qualities to a non-human being or to abstract ideas
perspicacity sharp insight
perspicuity clearness
pert bold; lively
pertinent to the point
perturb to disturb
peruse to read carefully
pervade to spread throughout
perverse contrary; stubborn
pervert to corrupt
pessimist one who sees the worst
petrify to paralyze with fear
petrology study of rocks
petty unimportant
petulant irritable
phalanx compact group of people
phenomenon extraordinary (fact or occurrence)
philander to engage in many love affairs
philanthropy generosity to mankind
philately stamp collecting
philippic a verbal attack
philistine uncultured
phlegmatic unemotional
phobia intense fear
phoenix a bird symbolizing immortality
picaresque adventurous scoundrel
piddling petty
piecemeal bit by bit
pied many-colored; variegated
piety devotion
pigment dye
pilgrimage a journey to a holy place
pillage to loot
pillory to expose to public ridicule
pinnacle highest point
pious religious; deeply devoted to religion
piquant stimulating to the taste; exciting
pique to irritate
piscine of or like a fish
pithy to the point
pittance small amount
pivotal crucial; critical; important
placard small poster
placate to calm
placebo harmless, phony medicine
placid calm
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