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Page 83

odyssey a long journey
offal garbage
officious interfering
ogle to look at with desire
ogre monster
olfactory pertaining to smell
oligarchy government by only a few
omen a sign which indicates the future
ominous threatening
omnifarious of all kinds
omnipotent all-powerful
omniscient all knowing
omnivorous eating anything; absorbing everything
onerous burdensome
onslaught a furious attack
onus a burden
opaque not transparent; not letting light pass through
opiate narcotic; causing sleep
opprobrious shameful
opt to choose
optimist one who sees the good side of things
optimum the best; most favorable
opulent rich; luxurious
oracular mysterious
oration a speech
orbit a path around an object
ordain to order or establish
ordinance a law
organic fundamental or essential
orient an area of the Far East; to adjust
orifice opening
ornate showy
ornithology study of birds
orthodox accepting traditional beliefs; conventional
oscillate to swing or move back and forth
ossify to change into bone or become rigid
ostensible apparent
ostentatious showing off
ostracize to banish
overt open; not hidden
ovine like a sheep
ovoid egg-shaped
pacify to calm down
pact an agreement
paean song of joy
palatable pleasant to taste
palatial magnificent
paleontology study of prehistoric life
pall something that covers or to be unpleasant
palliate to lessen
pallid pale; dull
palpable capable of being touched
palpitate to beat rapidly
palsy muscle paralysis
paltry worthless; small
panacea an answer for all problems
panache a showy manner
pandemonium confusion
panegyric an expression of praise
pang a sharp pain
panoply suit of armor; any protective covering
panorama unlimited view; comprehensive survey
parable a simple story giving a moral or religious lesson
paradigm a model; an example
paradox a statement that is contradictory, but probably true
paragon a model of perfection
paramount supreme
paraphernalia equipment
parched extremely thirsty
pariah an outcast
parley a conference
parochial limited or related to a church
parody a work which imitates another in a satirical way
paroxysm a sudden outburst
parrot to repeat or imitate
parry to avoid something such as a blow or hit; to evade
parsimonious stingy
partisan a strong supporter
passé out-of-date
passive submissive
pastoral pertaining to the country
patent government protection for an invention; obvious
paternal fatherly
pathogenic causing disease
pathos deep feeling of pity
patriarch a person regarded as a founder or father
patrician aristocratic
patrimony inherited right
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