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Page 82

muster to gather together
musty stale; moldy
mute silent
muzzle to restrain
myopic having a narrow point of view
myriad infinitely vast in number
myrmidon an unquestioning follower
nabob a very wealthy or powerful person
nadir lowest point
naïve unsophisticated
narcissistic vain
nascent coming into being
natation the act of swimming
nativity birth
nebulous vague
necromancy magic
nefarious evil
negate to deny; to nullify
negligent careless; neglectful
nemesis victorious rival
neologism new use of a word
neophyte a beginner
nepotism favoritism shown toward relatives
nether lower or under
nettle to irritate
neutralize to make ineffective
nexus connection or link
nicety dainty or delicate
niche recess in a wall or best place for a person
niggardly stingy
niggle petty
nihilism total rejection of law
nimble quick
nirvana place of great happiness
nocturnal pertaining to night
nodule a small lump
noisome harmful or offensive
nomadic wandering
nomenclature a set of terms
nominal in name only; unimportant
non sequitur something that is not logical
nonage immaturity
nonchalant casual
noncommittal no definite point of view
nonentity person of little importance
nonpareil unequal
nonplus to confuse
nostalgic longing for the past
nostrum questionable medicine
notorious having a bad reputation
novel new; unusual
novice a beginner
noxious harmful to health
nuance small variation in meaning or color
nub a small piece
nugatory worthless
nullify to make useless
numismatist coin collector
nuptial pertain to marriage
nurture to nourish; to sustain
nutriment nourishment
oaf a dunce
obdurate stubborn
obeisance gesture expressing deep respect
obfuscate to confuse
objective unbiased
oblation an offering
obligatory required
oblique indirect
oblivious unmindful; unaware
obloquy bad reputation resulting from public disgrace
obscure not clear; partially hidden
obsequious submissive or overly attentive
obsequy a funeral rite
obsess to control the thoughts or feelings of a person
obstinate stubborn
obstreperous loud and unruly
obtrude to push something toward or upon a person
obtuse slow to understand
obviate to prevent
occidental western
occlude to close; to block out
occult secret or mysterious
ocular pertaining to sight
odious disgusting
odoriferous giving off a pleasant smell
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