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megalomania exaggeration of one’s own greatness
melancholy depressed
melee noisy fight
mellifluous sweet-sounding
melodramatic overly emotional
menace a threat
ménage household
menagerie collection of animals
mendacious lying
mendicant a beggar
menial degrading
mentor advisor or coach
mercantile pertaining to merchants
mercenary acts only for money
mercurial unpredictably
meretricious gaudy or showy
merger a joining together
mesmerize hypnotize
metamorphosis a transformation
metaphor comparison
metaphysics beyond what is natural
mete to distribute
meteoric swift rise
meticulous extremely careful
metropolis large city
mettle courage
miasma pollution
microcosm a little world
mien manner
milieu environment; setting
militant ready and willing to fight
millennium a thousand years
mimic to imitate
minion a devoted follower
minute unit of time; or small and insignificant
mire swampy ground; to sink down
mirth joy or laughter
misanthrope hater of mankind
misapprehension a misunderstanding
miscegenation mixture of races
mischance unlucky accident; bad luck
misconstrue misinterpret
miscreant a vicious person
misdemeanor a less serious crime
miser one who hoards (money) excessively
misgiving doubt; suspicion
misnomer an error in name
misogamy hatred of marriage
misogynist woman-hater
missive letter
mitigate to make less severe
mnemonic pertaining to memory
mock to ridicule or insult
modicum a small amount
modish stylish
modulate to tone down
mogul powerful person
mollify to calm or appease
molt to shed
momentous very important
monarchy one ruler
monastic self-denying
monitor one who watches
monograph written about a single subject
monolithic unified or solid
monologue speech by one person
monotheism belief in one god
monotonous boring; without variety
monumental important
moot debatable or having no significance
moratorium delay
morbid depressing
mordant sarcastic
mores customs or traditions
moribund dying
morose gloomy
mortal destined to die
mortify to embarrass or humiliate
motif central idea
motley assorted or different colors
mottled spotted
mountebank a fraud
muddle to confuse
mulct a fine or to defraud
mull (over) think about
multifarious having many parts
mundane worldly
munificent generous
murky unclear; gloomy
muse to think deeply
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