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Page 80

libertine immoral person
licentious lawless or immoral
liege lord; master
lieu (in lieu of) in place of; instead of
Lilliputian very small
limber easily bent
limpid transparent
lineage ancestry
lineaments facial features
linguist skilled in languages
lionize to treat as important
liquidate to get rid of
lissome moving gracefully
listless indifferent
literal word for word
lithe graceful
litigation lawsuit
livid discolored from anger or embarrassment
loath unwilling
loathe to hate or feel disgust for
locus place
logistics the supply, movement, and maintenance of equipment
loiter to hang around
loll to lounge about or to droop
loquacious very talkative
lot fate
lout an awkward, stupid person
lowly humble or ordinary
lucent shining
lucid easy to understand
lucrative profitable
ludicrous ridiculous
lugubrious mournful
luminous bright
lupine fierce
lurch sudden, forward movement
lurid shocking
lurk to like concealed or to stay hidden
lush abundant
macabre gruesome
machination evil design
macroscopic visible to the naked eye
maelstrom whirlpool
magnanimous generous
magnate important person
maim to cripple
maladroit clumsy or unskillful
malady disease
malaise uneasiness
malapropism word humorously misused
malediction curse
malefactor villain
malevolent harmful
malfeasance wrongdoing
malicious spiteful
malign to speak badly about
malignant evil
malingerer one who pretends to be ill to avoid work
malleable adaptable
manacle handcuff
mandarin influential person
mandate an order
manifest obvious
manifold many
manipulate to handle with skill; to influence a person
manumit to set free
maraud to raid
maritime pertaining to the ocean
marquee a canopy over an entrance
marred damaged; ruined
martinet a strict disciplinarian
masochist one who enjoys his own pain
masticate to chew
matriarchy a society in which the mother is the head of the family
matrix a place of origin
maudlin very sentimental
maul to injure
mausoleum large tomb
maverick a nonconformist
mawkish overly sentimental
maxim a proverb or saying
meager inadequate; of poor quality
mean nasty or offensive; inferior or low; an average
meander to wander aimlessly
mediate to settle a dispute
meditate to think deeply
medley a mixture
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