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Page 78

infallible without mistakes
infamous notorious; scandalous
infamy shocking or brutal
infantile immature
infer to derive by reasoning
infernal fiendish
infidel unbeliever
infinitesimal very small
infirmity weakness; feebleness
influx a flowing in
infraction the breaking of a law
infringe to violate
ingenious clever
ingenuous simple; innocent
ingrate ungrateful person
ingratiate to work one’s way into another’s favor
inherent inborn
inhibition reserved
inimical unfriendly
inimitable not able to be imitated or unequaled
iniquity wickedness
injunction an order
inkling a hint
illuminate to make clear; light up
innate inborn
innocuous harmless
innovate to be creative; begin anew
innuendo indirect remark
inordinate excessive
insatiable unable to be satisfied
inscrutable mysterious
insidious treacherous
insightful having a penetrating understanding of things; mentally alert and sharp
insinuate to hint; to suggest
insipid tasteless; bland; boring
insolent boldly disrespectful
insolvent bankrupt; unable to pay creditors
insouciant carefree
instigate to stir up (trouble)
insular detached or isolated
insuperable unconquerable
insurgence rebellion
insurrection uprising
intact left whole
intangible vague or untouchable; abstract
integral essential
integrate unify; to bring together
integrity honesty
inter to bury
interdict to prohibit; to block
interim period of time between acts
interlocutor one who takes part in a conversation
interloper an intruder
interlude a period of time between two events
interminable endless
intermittent periodic
interpose to place between
interregnum period during which a nation is without a permanent leader; pause
intimate private; to imply
intimidate threaten
intolerant bigoted
intractable hard to manage
intransigent stubborn
intrepid courageous
intrinsic essential
introspective looking into oneself
intuitive insightful
inundate to fill to overflowing
inured accustomed to
invalidate make null and void
invariably constantly; without changing
invective strong verbal abuse
inveigh a bitter verbal attack
inveigle trick or deceive
inveterate firmly established; deep-rooted
invidious causing resentment; offensive
invigorate to fill with energy
invoke to call upon
iota a small amount
irascible easily angered
ire anger; wrath
iridescent a wide range of colors
irksome annoying
ironic unexpected
irrational unreasonable; unpredictable
irreconcilable unable to agree
irredeemable hopeless
irremediable unable to be changed or cured
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