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impasse a dead-end; a problem without a solution
impeach to accuse
impeccable perfect
impecunious without money
impede to block
impediment an obstruction
impel push into action
impending likely to happen soon
imperative very necessary
imperious domineering
impermeable not permitting passage
impertinent rude
imperturbable calm
impervious not capable of being affected
impetuous impulsive
impetus a stimulus
impinge to collide
implacable inflexible
implausible unbelievable
implement a tool; to carry off
implication an indirect suggestion
implicit suggested, but not plainly stated
import significance; to bring in from a foreign country
importune to beg
impotent powerless
imprecation a curse
impregnable unconquerable
impromptu without planning
impropriety pertaining to something that is not proper or suitable
improvident wasteful
impudent disrespectful
impugn to attack a person verbally
impunity freedom from punishment
impute to accuse a person
inadvertent unintentional
inalienable not able to be given to another
inane meaningless
inanimate lifeless; dull; dead
inarticulate unclear speech
incandescent very bright
incapacitated disabled
incarcerate to imprison
incarnadine blood-red; flesh-colored
incarnate in human form
incendiary causing fire or trouble
incense to anger
inception start
incessant continuous; never ending
inchoate just beginning
incipient beginning to appear
incisive sharp or keep perception
incite to stir up
inclement (usually refers to weather) harsh; unfavorable; severe
inclined favorable to one direction
incognito disguised
incoherent rambling; not logically connected
incongruous not appropriate; out of place
inconsequential unimportant
incontrovertible undeniable
incorrigible bad beyond correction
increment an increase
incriminate to connect to a crime
incubus nightmare
inculcate to influence someone to accept an idea
incumbent resting or lying; one who holds a political office
incur to bring upon oneself
incursion a raid
indefatigable untiring
indelible incapable of being erased
indemnify to repay for a loss
indicative signifying; implying
indict to charge with a crime; to accuse of a wrongdoing
indifferent neutral; lacking preference
indigenous native to a particular area; inborn
indigent extremely poor
indignant angry as a result of unjust treatment
indiscriminate at random
indoctrinate to teach someone a set of beliefs
indolence laziness
indomitable unconquerable
indubitable unquestionable
induce to bring about
indulgence gentle treatment; pampering
inebriated drunk
ineffable unspeakable
ineluctable inevitable
inept unfit
inert not moving
inevitable unavoidable; will happen
inexorable unyielding
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