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Page 76

harry to worry
haughty arrogant
haunt to disturb
haven a safe place
havoc destruction
headlong recklessly
headstrong stubborn
hearsay rumor
hearth fireplace
hector to bully
hedonist a pleasure-seeker; self-indulgent
heed obey
heedless careless
hegemony strong influence
heinous hateful or shocking
hemophilia tendency toward bleeding
herald to announce
herbivorous feeding on plants
herculean tremendous in size
heresy to strongly oppose a belief
hermetic airtight
heterogeneous different
hiatus pause or rest
hierarchy a ranking
hilarity joy
hinder to block; to obstruct
hirsute hairy; bearded
histrionic overly dramatic
hoard to accumulate secretly
hoary white with age
hoax a joke
hodgepodge mixture
holocaust total destruction
homage honor
homily a sermon
homogenous all of the same kind
homophonic sounding alike
hone to sharpen
hoodwink to deceive
horde a crowd
horticulture the science of gardening
hospice shelter
hovel a dirty, wretched living place
hover ton linger about; to wait near
hubris excessive pride or self-confidence
hue a color
humbug a trick
humdrum boring or routine
humility meekness
humus black soil for fertilizing
hurtle to speed
hybrid mixed; assorted
hydrophobia fear of water
hyperbole extreme exaggeration
hypochondriac a person with imaginary illnesses
hypocrite one who pretends to be something he is not
hypocritical insincere; two-faced
hypothesis an assumption
hypothetical theoretical; suppositive
icon a statue
iconoclast one who breaks with tradition
idealist one with very high principles
idiomatic language peculiar to a group
idiosyncrasy a peculiar trait
idolatry worship of idols
idyllic charmingly simple or poetic
igneous pertaining to fire
ignoble dishonorable
ignominious shameful; disgraceful
ilk type; sort; kind
illicit unlawful; illegal
illiterate uneducated
illumine to brighten; to inspire
illusory misleading impression
illustrious distinguished; bright
imbibe to drink
imbroglio a difficult or confusing situation
imbue to fill complete
immaculate spotless; pure
imminent likely to happen; threatening
immolate to kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire
immortal not subject to death
immunity freedom from disease; protected
immutable unchangeable
impair to weaken; to cause to become worse
impale to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
impalpable vague; not understandable
impartial without prejudice; neutral
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