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flabbergasted astonished
flaccid flabby
flag a banner; to slow down
flagellate to whip
flagrant shocking; bad
flail to strike wildly
flair a knack
flamboyant showy; conspicuous
flaunt to show off
flay to strip off; to criticize sharply
fledgling a young, inexperienced person
fleece to swindle
flinch to cringe
flippant treating serious matters lightly
flora plant life in a certain area
florid flowery; ornate
flotilla fleet of ships
flotsam floating wreckage
flourish a dramatic display
flout to ridicule
fluctuate to vary
fluent able to speak and-or write clearly
fluster to confuse
fluvial pertaining to a river
flux state of continual change
foible minor fault
foil to prevent the success of a plan
foist to pass off something which is inferior
foment to stir up
fop excessively vain; foolish
foray a sudden attack
forbearance patience
foreboding a warning
forensic pertaining to a formal debate
forerunner ancestor
foreshadow to hint
forestall to prevent by acting in advance
forgo to give up
forte strong point
forthright direct
fortnight two weeks
fortuitous lucky; happening by chance
foster to encourage
fracas brawl; uproar
fractious quarrelsome
franchise special privilege
fraternal brotherly
fraught filled with
fray quarrel; unravel
frenetic frantic
frenzy fury
freshet a fresh water stream
fretful worried
friction a rubbing together; conflict or disagreement
frivolous silly or unimportant
frowzy unkempt
frugal thrifty
fruition fulfillment
fruitless having no results
frustrate to prevent; to discourage
fulminate to explode; to denounce
fulsome disgusting
fundamental essential; basic
furor rage
furtive stealthy; secretive
fusion merging
futile hopeless; useless; worthless
gadfly a person who annoys others
gaff a hook
gainsay to contradict
gait manner of walking
gala festive
gall bitterness
gallant noble
galvanize to stimulate
gambit strategy
gambol to romp about
gamut the whole range
gape to stare with open mouth
garble to distort
gargantuan gigantic
garish gaudy
garland a wreath of flowers
garner to acquire
garnish to decorate
garrulous talkative
gauche tactless
gaudy flashy
Created by: CCHS-FS