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encroach to intrude
encumbrance hindrance or obstruction
endemic confined to a particular area
endorse to support
enduring forever; lasting
enervate to weaken
enfranchise to give the right to vote
engender to produce; to create
engross completely absorbed in
engulf to overwhelm
enhance to increase in value or beauty; to improve
enigmatic mysterious
enlighten to inform
ennui boredom
enormity an outrageous and immoral act
enrapture to delight beyond measure
ensconce to hide; to conceal
ensue to follow
enthrall to charm
entice to attract
entity independent being
entourage a group of followers
entreaty a request; a plea
entrenched firmly established
entrepreneur a businessman; promoter
enunciate to pronounce clearly
environs surroundings
envisage to imagine
envoy messenger
eon extremely long period of time
ephemeral temporary; short-lived
epic a long poem
epicure one who seeks pleasure in fine foods
epigram witty saying
epilogue closing part of a speech or literary work
epiphany appearance of a deity (god); revelation
epistle a letter
epitaph inscription on a tomb
epithet a descriptive word or phrase
epitome a typical example or a summary
epoch particular period of history
equanimity calmness; evenness of temperament
equestrian a horseback rider
equilibrium balanced
equine pertaining to horses
equinox the time when day and night are of equal length
equivocal doubtful
eradicate to wipe out
erode to wear away
err to make a mistake
erratic irregular; without direction
erroneous mistaken
ersatz inferior substitute
erstwhile in the past
erudite scholarly
escalate to grow rapidly
escapade a reckless adventure
escarpment steep cliff
eschew to avoid
esoteric known only to a few
espouse to support
essay to try
esteem high regard
estival pertaining to summer
estranged separated
ethereal spiritual
ethnic pertaining to a particular race
etymology the origin and development of words
eugenics science of improving the human race
euphemism substitution of one expression for another
euphonious having a pleasant sound
euphoria a feeling of well-being
euthanasia mercy killing
evanescent temporary; fleeting
eventuate to happen
evince to show clearly
evoke to produce
exacerbate to aggravate
exact accurate; to require
exasperate to irritate or to annoy
excise to cut out or off
excruciating unbearably painful
exculpate to free from blame
execrate to curse
exemplary worthy of imitation; outstanding
exhaustive thorough; complete
exhilaration liveliness
exhort to warn or urge
exhume to bring out of the ground
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