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page 71

document to prove or support
doddering senile
doff to throw off
doggerel comic verse or in burlesque style
dogmatic having a definite opinion
doldrums low spirits
dole to give out sparingly
doleful sorrowful
dolorous sad
dolt a dull, stupid person
domicile home; residence
dorsal pertaining to the back
dossier a complete group of document
dotage feeblemindedness
doughty courageous
dour gloomy
douse to extinguish
dowdy shabby
doyen senior member
dregs leftovers
drivel foolish talk
droll amusing in an odd way
drone an idle person; to talk on monotonously
dubious doubtful
ductile capable of being molded
dupe to deceive
duplicity deceit; dishonesty
duress force
dutiful obedient
dynamo a powerful person
dysphasia difficulty in speaking
earnest sincere or serious
earthy realistic; coarse
ebb to slowly decrease
ebullient enthusiastic
eccentric unusual; odd; weird
ecclesiastical pertaining to the church
echelon level of power
eclectic choosing from various sources
eclipse to outshine
edifice structure; building
edify to improve someone morally; to instruct
eerie mysterious
efface to wipe out
effectual effective; adequate
effeminate unmanly; womanly; soft and weak
effervescent bubbly; spirited
effete worn-out; barren
efficacy power to produce an effect
effigy a likeness
effluent flowing out
effrontery shameful boldness
effusion an uncontrolled display of emotion
egalitarian belief in the equality of all men
egregious very bad; outrageous
egress exit
elaborate to give details; complex
elapse to pass
electrify to thrill
elegy a sad poem or speech
elicit to cause to be revealed
elixir remedy
ellipsis the omission in a sentence of a word or words
eloquent articulate; speaking well
elucidate to make clear
elude to avoid
elusive difficult to grasp
elysian blissful
emaciated abnormally thin
emanate to come forth; to send forth
emancipate to set free
embank to put a wall around
embellish to decorate; to add details; to exaggerate
embezzle to steal
embroil to involve in trouble
embryo in an early stage
emetic causing vomiting
eminent famous
emissary one sent on a special mission
emit to send out
emollient something that soothes or softens
empathy understanding another’s feelings
empirical based on experience rather than theory
emulate to imitate
enamored in love with
enclave a country, or part of a country, surrounded by another country
encompass to include
encore a repeat performance
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