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depose to remove from office
depraved immoral
depreciate to reduce in value
derelict abandoned; a vagrant
deride to ridicule
derogatory belittling
desecrate to damage
desiccate to dry up
desist to stop
desolate deserted
despicable contemptible
despoil to plunder
despot a dictator
destitute poor
desultory wandering or rambling
d├ętente a lessening of tension
deter to prevent; to delay or stop
detriment harm or damage
deviate to digress or wander from
devious underhanded
devoid without
dexterity skill; cleverness
diabolical cruel
diadem crown
dialectic logical discussion
diaphanous transparent
diatribe bitter criticism
dichotomy division into two parts
diction style of speaking correctly
dictum a formal statement
didactic instructive
diffident modest
diffuse to scatter
digress to wander off the subject
dilate to become wider
dilatory slow in doing things
dilettante one who is not an expert
diligent hard-working
diminutive small
din loud noise
dint force or power
dire dreadful
disarray disorder
disavow to deny
disburse to pay
discern to distinguish one from another
disclaimer denial
discomfiture confusion
disconcert to upset
disconsolate without hope
discord disagreement
discordant harsh-sounding
discount reduction; to disregard
discourse lecture
discreet cautious
discrepancy inconsistency
discrete separate
discretion good judgment
discrimination prejudice; ability to distinguish
discursive rambling
disdain have contempt for; strong dislike
disgruntled unhappy
dishearten to discourage
disheveled untidy
disinterested impartial
dismantle to take apart
disparage to belittle; to speak ill of
disparity inequality; difference
dispassionate calm or impartial
dispatch done quickly and efficiently
dispel to drive away
disreputable having a bad reputation
dissemble to conceal
disseminate to spread
dissent disagreement
dissertation a written essay
dissident disagreeing
dissipate to scatter
dissociate to break ties with
dissolute immoral; unrestrained
dissonant out of harmony
dissuade to advise or urge against
distend to expand; to swell; to stretch out
distraught troubled
dither confused
diurnal daily
divergent different; off the point
diverse different; varied
divest to take away
docile obedient
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