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Page 69

craven cowardly
credence belief
credible believable
credulous gullible; trusting
creed a religious belief
crescendo gradual increase in intensity
crestfallen dejected
cringe to shrink back
criterion standard for judging
crony close friend
crotchety grouchy
crucible a severe test
crux the essential part
cryptic mysterious
crystallize to take on a definite form
cubicle small compartment
cudgel club; thick stick
cull to pick out
culminate to result in
culpable worthy of blame
cumbersome heavy or hard to handle
cumulative accumulated
cupidity greed
curb to control
cursive running or flowing
cursory superficial
cynic one who is critical
dais a platform
dally to waste time
dank cool and wet
dappled spotted
dastardly cowardly or shameful
daunt to discourage
dawdle to waste time
dearth a lack of
debacle a complete failure
debase to degrade
debauch to corrupt
debilitate to weaken
debonair charming
decadence moral decline
decant to pour off (a liquid)
decapitate to behead
deciduous not permanent
declaim to speak dramatically
decorum appropriate social behavior
decrepit broken down
decry to denounce
deduce to reason out
deem to believe
defamatory damaging another’s reputation
default to fail to pay or to perform
defection desertion
defer to postpone
deference respect; to show respect
defile to corrupt
definitive comprehensive
deflect to turn away
defoliate to strip off leaves
defray to pay the cost of
deft skillful
defunct extinct
deify to idolize
deign to lower oneself
delectable very enjoyable
deleterious harmful
deliberate careful or on purpose
delineate to describe
delirium wild excitement
delude to deceive; to mislead
deluge a flood
delve to investigate
demagogue a leader who appeals to the emotions
demean to degrade
demeanor behavior
demented insane
demise death or the end
demography study of population
demoralize to discourage
demure shy
denigrate to ruin one’s reputation
denizen inhabitant
denouement outcome; result
denounce to speak out against; to condemn
depict to portray
deplete to use up
deplore to regret
deploy to arrange in position
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