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Page 67

chicanery trickery
chide criticize
chimerical imaginary; fantastic; unreal
chivalrous courteous; courageous
choleric easily angered
chronic long-lasting
churlish rude
cipher a thing of no value
circuitous indirect
circumlocution roundabout way of speaking
circumscribe to encircle
circumspect cautious
circumvent to surround or entrap; to go around or by-pass
citadel a fortress
cite to quote a passage, book, author, etc.; to refer to an example
civility politeness
clairvoyant having great insight; keenly perceptive
clamber to climb with effort or difficulty
clamor noise
clandestine secretive; private
clangor harsh ringing sound
clarify to make clear
clarion clear and shrill
claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces
cleave to split something apart; to stick or cling to something
cleft split; divided
clemency mercy; leniency
cliché a trite or worn-out expression
clientele customers
clime climate; region
clique a small, exclusive group
cloistered secluded; confined
clout (colloquial) power; influence
cloven divided; split
coalesce to blend; to merge; to fuse
coddle to treat tenderly
coerce to force
coffer a strongbox
cogent convincing
cogitate to think
cognate related; relevant
cognizant aware of
coherent logically connected; consistent
cohesive tending to stock
cohort colleague; associate; partner
coincide to occur simultaneously
collaborate to work together; to cooperate
collage collection of various bits and pieces
collate to put together in order
collateral security for payment
colloquial informal conversation or phrase
collusion conspiracy; agreement to commit a crime
colossal huge; enormous
combative argumentative
combustible capable of catching fire easily
comely attractive
commemorate honoring; remembering
commence to begin
commendation praise
commensurate proportionate
commiserate to express pity for
commodious spacious
communal shared
compact firmly packed; a treaty
compatible agreeable
compel to force
compendium brief summary
compensatory paying back
complacent satisfied; smug; overly competent
complement to make whole; to complete
compliant yielding; submissive
complicity partnership in wrongful act
component elements or parts
composure calmness of mind or manner
comprehensive all inclusive
compromise to agree; to settle by concession
compulsory required
compunction uneasiness; remorse
concave curved inward
concede to admit
concentrate to think deeply; to increase in strength or degree
concentric having a common center
conception a beginning; original plan
concession allowance; the act of yielding
conciliate to soothe the anger of to win over
concise to the point
conclave secrete meeting
conclusive end result
concoct to invent
concomitant accompanying
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