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Page 66

burgeon to grow rapidly
burlesque a speech or action that treats a serious subject with ridicule
burly muscular
burnish to polish
buttress to prop up or support
cartel association of businesses
cascade to fall
caste social class
castigate to punish or criticize
casualty an accident; one who is injured
cataclysm a violent charge
catacomb underground burial place
catalyst person or thing that speeds up as result
cataract large waterfall; cloudiness of the eye
catastrophe disaster
catharsis act of purification
catholic universal; found everywhere
caucus a meeting
caustic severely critical
cauterize to burn
cavalcade a sequence of events
cavalier a casually indifferent person
caveat a warning
cavil to argue
cavort to frolic
celerity swiftness
celestial heavenly
celibate unmarried
censor to eliminate objectionable material
censure to criticize or condemn
centrifugal moving away from the center
certitude certainty
cessation stopping
chafe to annoy
chaff worthless material
chagrin embarrassment
chameleon a changeable person
chaos complete disorder
charisma great appeal or attraction
charlatan a fake
chary (of) careful
chasm a wide gap
chaste pure
chastise to punish; to purify
chattel slave
chauvinism fanatical devotion to one’s country, sex, religion, etc.
cherub an innocent person
chic stylish
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